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[New Plugin Updates] Drawing & Painting Canvas


I’m interested in how you’re using this plugin to annotate a video. Would you be willing to share a few tips? We could really use this functionality. Thanks!

Hi. Great plug-in. How do we set this CORS value? I didn’t understand the page you linked to. Thanks!

Hello. Great plug-in. I’m wondering if it’s possible to add a function to get a selected object’s X and Y coordinates. Currently you can get their widths only. Reason for asking: I’d like the ability to add text at the location of a selected object. Is this possible?

I use video.js plug-in for the video and would pause it at critical times if I wished. Used this plugin with a transparent background, over the video element. Used a button to continue and pause the video when needed (Actually right click element)

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Hi @alex4,

Do you have a plan to add the features listed below? I’m needing this capability for what I’m building.

Also, is there a workflow to select multiple elements at the same time so they can easily be moved together?

@alex4 +1 to this, I’m loving the plugin so far, I think getting and saving the selected element X & Y coordinate to the database would be very helpful especially when you want to add text or images in a specific place dynamically.

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