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[New Plugin Updates] Drawing & Painting Canvas

I’m interested in pasting an image from clipboard, also.
Could you PM me, please?

Hi @alex4 ,

Unfortunately we have not heard back from you, and we are still having problems with the quality of the photo-export of your plugin (see comment above).
So again our question: Do you have any idea how we can get an high-quality export? We would really appreciate your help and support, as it is slowing down our app development.

Thank you and all the best.

Hi @alex4

First off, this is a fantastic plugin! I’ve been learning more about how best to use it by following along with the Canva Clone tutorial here.

I want to use the plugin to build an application that has similar functionality to the card maker experience on Ultimately I’m using a third-party print on demand service to fulfill card orders that are designed by customers using the Fabric.JS plugin.

Can your plugin carry out the following functionality?
-Place text in the center of a canvas, and have it auto adjust the positioning as the user adds more text so it is always centred.
-Export high quality pngs. I’ve been experiencing simialar difficulties to @zeta1119 where the images I download are not high enough quality. For reference, I need to be able to download images that are width = 1500px and height = 2100px. I don’t want my canvas to be this size however for responsive reasons. The canvas needs to be the same ratio as a 7x5 card, and the image downloaded always be the dimensions mentioned above.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you,


Hi @alex4 ,

We are waiting your response to our issue for over a month now.

We are sorry to say that, but we are paying for your plugins and cannot use them like this. Our app development is depending on them functioning, so we are starting to get impatient …

Apparently there are other people (like @aislingor96 above) who have similar problems and are also waiting for a response.

At least a short update or something would be helpful.

Best regards,

V1.53.3 breaks the colour picker on a right click menu for Canvas. It simply does not appear in the right click group.


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The same problem. It works only in 1.53.2 version. Latest v. - 1.53.6

Anyone having issues lately with CORS policy errors when adding an image to the canvas from the bubble database? This worked up to early May 2022. Yes, Manually adding an image works but dynamic images used to work but are now failing with error-

Error :
Access to image at… has been blocked by CORS POLICY: no access-control-allow-origin” header is present.

Hi @peterdchamps I apologize for the slower reply here. I’ve been a bit backed up with responses. Thank you so much for sharing the issue you’re having with images–are you seeing these issues on a plugin upgrade or did that happen suddenly? (I’m suspecting that there might be a Bubble plugin editor bug here, but I want to dig in before logging a report)

@christo1 – thanks for flagging this issue (this was due to the migration to the new Bubble responsive engine). I just pushed an updated in v1.53.7 and the color picker should be displaying properly now. Please let me know if you notice otherwise.

@aislingor96 and @zeta1119 – thanks for following up on the image quality issue. As I mentioned in the PM, there is no easy fix for this one, as the Fabric.JS library doesn’t have a feature built-in for this. However, one workaround you might want to try if you’re hoping to capture a larger screenshot is:

  1. Resize the Canvas you’re trying to take a screenshot of in a larger Canvas (for example, if your Canvas is only 400px by 400px, try setting the dimensions to Canvas that’s 1000px by 1000px).
  2. Scale everything in the Canvas to be larger (in the example from part 1, you would scale by 2.5 because 1000px divided by 400px is 2.5)
  3. Capture the screenshot of the larger Canvas
  4. Resize the Canvas to its original dimensions

Here is the link to the development version of this workaround. Please see the cyan colored workflow action.

On the run-mode, click the “Save” button to view the result:


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Thank you for fixing the color picker so quickly

Hello @alex4
How can i set aspect ratio of image
I need options to save edited image with 16:9 , 9:16, 1:1 , 4:5 aspect ratios

Is it compatible with the native app? I want to make a native app for ios and android to let the user make advertisement templates

Hi @alex4 !

I’m writing to report a problem that we have been dealing with for a while now.
In this app, interior designers can create their own boards to show them to clients.

Unfortunately, we’ve been noticing ourselves and some clients report to us that their designs get deleted sometimes.
In the following video, I have been able to reproduce the bug. There is also a screenshot of the console just in case it helps!

Hope you can help us to clarify what’s happening.

Many thanks,


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Thank you Alex, this solution seems to work!

Hi Eugene, we are doing something similar, it’s no problem - you can just set states for the different formats and then set the canvas dimensions accordingly (via the Action “Set Canvas Dimension”).

Hi @alex4
There is a bug in the new plugin update:

The exposed state “Shape Color (Fill)” does not work. Same goes for “Selected Text - Font Color”.

In the updated plugin version, whenever I hover a shape (or text) that I added, it takes on the color “blue” instead of my chosen color:

I tried to go back to the older plugin version before the last update and there it works.

I hope you can fix this soon. Thanks in advance!

@alex4 Can we get an update on this please? It’s a critical issue for us. Thanks!

There is a bug in the current version of the plugin where it auto-fills whatever you’re drawing. Reverting to the previous version fixes the issue. Screen Recording 2022-06-24...

Hi @timothy.murenzi and @jmontes apologies for the slower reply. I got sick recently and it took awhile to recover and catch up with some of these support messages! Not sure if you’re both working on the same app–could you DM me a screenshot of your workflow actions and a link to your editor with instructions on how to reproduce the issue? I’ll take a look and see what I can do!

Also, looking at your the console error in your screenshot, I pushed a fix in v1.53.9 that might fix the issue you’re seeing, but will need to examine your implementation to be sure! Let me know if you’ve upgraded to v1.53.9 already and you’re still seeing this issue.

In the updated plugin version, whenever I hover a shape (or text) that I added, it takes on the color “blue” instead of my chosen color:

Hi @zeta1119 @christo1 FYI I’ve pushed an update in v1.53.8 that should fix the blue fill issue! Let me know if you notice otherwise!

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Thank you Alex, I noticed and installed the update the day it came out and it works well. I hope you recover fully.

Thank you Alex for the updates, I hope you get better!

Unfortunately another bug is troubelling us:
In the newer plugin versions, whenever we click the color picker, the group focus only opens once. Whenever we want to open it a second time, the GroupFocus is empty and doesn’t show the color selection anymore (see screenshot).

In an older version (1.53.2) it still works. In the newest ones and in several ones after that it doesn’t.

Screenshot 2022-07-05 115207

I hope the fix doesn’t take you a lot of time. Thank you in advance!

Hi @alex4
Browser error when using 「Canvas-Main」. Please let me know how to resolve this.

Element Canvas-Main A - The plugin FabricJS: Drawing & Painting Canvas / element Canvas - Main threw the following error: ReferenceError: fabric is not defined
    at e.eval [as initialize_fn] (PLUGIN_1565920055521x927769972289306600/FabricJS--Drawing---Painting-Canvas-initialize--Canvas---Main-.js:12:38)
    at (please report this to the plugin author)
  • version is 1.53.9
  • blowser version is Chrome 103.0.5060.114


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