[New Plugin Updates] Drawing & Painting Canvas

Hi @palateandcraft thanks for your feedback.

I understand you have some feature requests for the plugin—it sounds like you have some expectations on the behavior of the plugin that are out of scope and custom to your use case.

If you are unsatisfied with the plugin and service, I am more than happy to provide a refund. Please PM me a link to your Venmo, Paypal, or alternative payment method so I can process this.


Just answer to this.

If you insist this is how it’s suppose to behave.

Screen Recording 2024-04-29 at 12.29.07 PM (1) (2)

Hi @palateandcraft

From what I see in your GIF:

  1. A user adds 4 images (I assume this is set up as the “Add image” workflow actions in the Bubble editor)
  2. A user clicks undo 4 times (I assume this is set up as the “Undo” workflow action in the Bubble editor)
  3. The images are removed from the canvas each time the user clicks “Undo”

Let me know if that’s a correct interpretation of the workflows you have set up. I am happy to look into it if I am missing something in the GIF. If I am not missing anything, then that is expected behavior.

step 1.
page is loaded, Add image workflow added to canva. (non-selectable***)

step 2.
user add image 1

step 3.
user add image 2

step 4.
user aadd image 3

step 5.
user click undo 4 times.

All images now are selectable.

including (non-selectable) Image are now moveable and selectable.

Removed middle top knob visibility but it’s still showing.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 12.42.45 PM

Hi, the visibility of th knob is resolved but the undo behaviour remains the same. Please advise

Hi @palateandcraft thanks for the clearer reproduction steps for the bug. This is important for me to understand the issue you’re reporting.

I’ve pushed a couple of updates:

  1. v1.55.39 - Updated the knobs feature so it more consistently shows/hides when you add it the the Controls Knob Visibility (fixes middleTop issue)
  2. v1.55.40 Updated so when undoing, it doesn’t reset the selectable status of elements (like images).

Please upgrade to these versions. Thanks!

Email Sent 4 days ago. Not sure if you saw the email so here.

Hi, the visibility of th knob is resolved but the undo behaviour remains the same. Please advise

Hi @palateandcraft thanks, I am looking into this.

Hi @palateandcraft , the undo behavior is working properly in this demo.

Are you using v1.55.40+?


@palateandcraft that’s strange–I’m still unable to reproduce it.

Can you please reproduce it here so I can take a look?


Hi @alex4.
We recently updated the plug-in to version 1.55.40 to fix the error message that was popping up. That seems to have fixed the error, however, we are running into a new issue, which has to do with the background image not being there once the API is called.
Our users upload their own backgrounds and then populate their information on top of it.
When we go to call the API, the background is no longer there (in the code) . How do we reference this background image, like we did before?
We have a workaround, where we can upload an Image and then give people the ability to put that image in the background, but that isn’t the ideal case for our users.
Looking forward to your response, thanks for building such a great tool.