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[New Plugin Updates] Drawing & Painting Canvas

Update in v1.33.0: Added a workflow action called "Set Canvas’s Dimensions"

Hi all, you can now set the canvas’s dimensions via a workflow action by specifying the width and height of the canvas in pixels. Let me know if you have any questions!

FYI @ehr.nucleon who requested this feature!


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Thanks, @alex4,

It was easier to trigger a custom event when a popup was closed instead of having a “When Canvas-Drawing/PaintingCanvas A has been modified”. All works perfect.

Great plugin, btw :grinning: :computer:

How can I delete a file from the canvas? How do I find the file(s)?

@hacker sounds like you figured it out!

How can I delete a file from the canvas? How do I find the file(s)?

Could you please clarify what you mean by file? Do you mean image?

Yes, sorry. I mean that the image(s) that I add to the canvas. When I a user wants to delete the Type Canvas with one field (text). How can I first delete the images inside that canvas and then the text?

Also, the action of “Load serialized canvas” takes like 4 seconds, can you please add a “Loading” state for inserting an alert when “Loading” or something?

And is it possible to add “background color” transition to the canvas?

Is there a way to download a zip with png´s from a list of canvas?

Really appreciate all the help, @alex4

Yeah, it’s great for me too, I love it… Making a few adjustments will be enough. I downloaded royalty free vector images, and I started using them to make better stuff.
I am still kind of new to doing this. I used to make simple designs, but you have to improve when you start doing this for money.
There are a lot of people on freelance websites willing to pay you money for this kind of work. The bad thing is when someone wants you to do something you don’t really know how to do. Still, learning is not something I am afraid of, and I am sure I will manage to deal with the problem.

Thanks for the kind words @meanstim76 and @aileen_carbonell12!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with more feedback and/or questions!


Update in v1.34.0: Added two new states: Canvas’s Current Height and Canvas’s Current Width

Hi all, added two new states that should hopefully be helpful for your use cases. In the last update, users can set the canvas’s dimensions via workflow action. I’ve added two new states on the canvas to expose the Canvas’s current height and width in pixels so you can save those two your database and reload the canvas in a specific height/width.

Let me know if you have any feedback!

Hey, @alex4,

Do you have any updates on this?

Also, the canvas gets frozen on the “Clear Canvas” color when:

  1. Load c_1 (Type Canvas) on Canvas A (element)
  2. Clear Canvas A (element)
  3. Load c_2 (Type Canvas) on Canvas A (element)
  4. Then here it gets frozen. It unfreezes when I click on Canvas

Apparently, the “Load Canvas” and “Clear Canvas” are a bit slow.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

@hacker I’ll take a look tomorrow and get back to you!

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Hi @alex4 ,

Just to let you know: We are also very much looking forward to image cropping and filter features!!

Thx for your great work! :slight_smile:

Hey @hacker I updated the undo/redo feature in the latest update (v1. 34.1). Feel free to take a look. I’ll check out the other issues you’ve reported and get back to you.

@zetagastro great to hear you’re excited about those features! Will keep you all posted here as those are rolled out!


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Thanks @alex4 ,

I already updated the plugin but still experiencing some unexpected behaviours:


Perfect, thanks for your help

Hi @alex4 ,

Can I somehow adjust or disactivate this feature? I am using a german keyboard and an element is only deleted with the “backwards” key and not the “delete” key - which also presents a problem when the user is writing a text to add it to the canvas - as soon as he wants to correct, it is deleted …


Hi @zetagastro – yes, I’ll be adding a feature that allows users to set whether or not the “backwards” key deletes elements on the canvas.

Will make an announcement when ready!

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Great, thank you!!

Update in v1.37.0: Ability to customize whether Backspace key deletes the selected element(s)

Hi all, just pushed another update that enables you to set whether the Backspace key on your keyboard deletes selected elements. The default of this value is “yes”. Thanks for the request @zetagastro!


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