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[New Plugin Updates] Screenshot Image Generator

Hi @vincenthuang912 – thanks for reaching back out!

I find out that the versions after 1.3.15 don’t even work for changes in elements.

Hmm… what do you mean when you say that it doesn’t work for “changes in elements”?

Thank you for responding and considering my suggestion. But the idea I have in mind is that the plugin can still capture the areas of elements, just like how it is now, but can include not only the element itself but the current screen. I think capturing the X, Y, Height, width might be too complicated. In addition, it would be nice if the plugin supports more types of images, like SVG. Thank you again for considering.

When you say it could include the current screen, are you saying the entire screen, or just the screen cut out to the rectangle where that element exists?


I means when you add an image to the element, which is used to be blank. Those changes is not reflected on the screenshot whereas the version before 1.3.15 can.

Yes, exactly!
Not the entire screen, but a rectangle screen cut where the element exists.

Thank you!

For me, if the screen cut is available, the change in an element doesn’t matter. But just a reminder.