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[NEW PLUGIN+] Wondercall - The simplest way to add a zoom-like feature in no time

Hi Community,
We are happy to share an amazing plugin with all of you.

Wondercall - The simplest way to create a zoom-like feature in your bubble in no time.

– Pluging Page –

As the name of the service, Wondercall is the simplest way to add built-in features for in-app video chats, video customer services, virtual events, online education, or telemedicine services into your Bubble apps in no time.

Better than video call APIs, Wondercall is an embedded video call platform empowers you to add built-in video connections into your app (and any other website) in seconds.

– Extremely EASY-TO-USE –

  1. Copy (a pure with the magic sauce for your built-in video calls)
  2. Paste (into the code for your product or application)
  3. Done!

---- Quick glance for the features ----

· Everyone can have the video meetings for up-to-4 attendees in a single room.
· Everyone can create unlimited meeting rooms as many as you want.
· All connections are P2P-secured with the highest security standard.

---- Product website ----

Feel free to get the free code directly on the product page and use it in your app without any requested payment!

---- App Info ----

The plugin is created by Tico, a software company focuses on creating secure and human-centered communication tools to enhance human well-being since 2017.
The complete information of the service is on our website, Tico Wondercall.

Try it and you will love it immediately :heart_eyes:
Happy to share it with you, and, we look forward to hearing feedback on our plugin!


Thanks for letting us know your thought!
It’s great to see that our product helps you create better UX and connect users with video calls more easily on your app.

If you are also considering building a scheduler to schedule all video calls for users, please check our website and contact our team ([email protected]). We also serve the product that can bring a Calendly-like feature into your app in seconds. (And, we are working on a plugin version for the community on already :sunglasses: )

Feel free to share more feedback and let us know how we can improve the product for you :smiley: