[NEW PLUGIN+] Wondercall - The simplest way to add a zoom-like feature in no time

Hi Community,
We are happy to share an amazing plugin with all of you.

Wondercall - The simplest way to create a zoom-like feature in your bubble in no time.

– Pluging Page –

As the name of the service, Wondercall is the simplest way to add built-in features for in-app video chats, video customer services, virtual events, online education, or telemedicine services into your Bubble apps in no time.

Better than video call APIs, Wondercall is an embedded video call platform empowers you to add built-in video connections into your app (and any other website) in seconds.

– Extremely EASY-TO-USE –

  1. Copy (a pure with the magic sauce for your built-in video calls)
  2. Paste (into the code for your product or application)
  3. Done!

---- Quick glance for the features ----

· Everyone can have the video meetings for up-to-4 attendees in a single room.
· Everyone can create unlimited meeting rooms as many as you want.
· All connections are P2P-secured with the highest security standard.

---- Product website ----


Feel free to get the free code directly on the product page and use it in your app without any requested payment!

---- App Info ----

The plugin is created by Tico, a software company focuses on creating secure and human-centered communication tools to enhance human well-being since 2017.
The complete information of the service is on our website, Tico Wondercall.

Try it and you will love it immediately :heart_eyes:
Happy to share it with you, and, we look forward to hearing feedback on our plugin!


Thanks for letting us know your thought!
It’s great to see that our product helps you create better UX and connect users with video calls more easily on your app.

If you are also considering building a scheduler to schedule all video calls for users, please check our website and contact our team (service@tico.tips). We also serve the product that can bring a Calendly-like feature into your app in seconds. (And, we are working on a plugin version for the community on Bubble.io already :sunglasses: )

Feel free to share more feedback and let us know how we can improve the product for you :smiley:

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This is definitely interesting to me. I’m not ready to move yet on my side with my app but in future I will be. How should I think about Wondercall vs other offerings available on Bubble?

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Hi @guy.blueoceans,

Thanks for reaching out. And, you should definitely give it a try!
What makes Wondercall different is that we make the P2P video call feature a piece of cake for your apps. You don’t need to read a thousand-line document that only helps you get a basic and poor function anymore.

By implementing Wondercall, you will really add a complete and secure P2P video call feature to connect users/clients and serve a better service on your product, in seconds.

We have other premium plans that help you serve more robust features, like the Calendar System that helps you manage all video calls on your product.

Please check our website to know what Wondercall can do for you and how different it is: https://tico.chat/wondercall

And, feel free to drop more questions to us here (or via PM) anytime!

My use case is focused on 2 main features:

A) primarily video/audio based one-to-one calls ranging from 15mins to 75mins that are NOT RECORDED.


B) pre-recorded 1 way video/audio messages. I want to note Feature B is not meant to be a instant video messaging feature with many replies. I envision a scenario where a User Student can pre-record a 30sec-120sec video/audio question for their Teacher. And the Teacher can view/listen that question later that day/next day & then respond with a reply audio/video message that would likely range from 2min-5mins.

I have several questions with the above in mind:

  1. Wondercall can clearly provide on Feature A. Do you see any limitations/pitfalls based on what I described for Feature A?

  2. Would I be able to leverage Tico/Wondercall functionalities for Feature B as I’ve described it? If I understand your pricing doc correctly then recording is Scale plan only? That may be a non-starter to me at launch ($239/mth!!!)…

  3. Can a video call link be generated 1 week in advance (such as upon initial calendar scheduling) & the url link emailed to participants before?

  4. Can the Video call be controlled by an “owner” (ie techer) such that the owner can mute participants and/or only let in valid participants?

  5. Also why is “Embedded video” a better technology than “Video call APIs”? Do they perform better? Are they simpler to set up?

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Hi @guy.blueoceans ,

Thanks for reaching out again~
The feature A you need is certainly achievable with the current offer we have for you. Just try it!
Unfortunately, the feature B is not something we support at the moment, but we are sure that you can achieve it by using other great tools like Loom. We focus on P2P realtime communication so pre-recorded content is not something we will have in the near future. But we will check if there’s any integration we can build with other services. (Feel free to make recommendations as well!)

For the question list:

  1. We don’t set any time limitation for the meetings so you have the wide flexibility of it.
  2. Our recording feature is about allowing users to record the meeting during the call, so it seems like a little bit different from what you need for the feature B. But feel free to let us know if you have a different thought about it!
  3. Yes. That’s what you already have for the current solution.
  4. We don’t have an “owner” or “admin” role for a room so far. Our concept of P2P means that everyone has the same access in the call. But the room creator can do set a password for a room to ensure that only the users who receive the pwd can enter the room.
  5. Exactly. We believe the embedded structure would be the best approach for people that are not very familiar with coding. So, instead of reading hundreds of lines of document when using APIs, anyone can easily implement a ready-to-use video call experience with our creation!

We hope that we successfully answered all the questions you mentioned.

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Very clarifying! thanks. As of now I would say the lack of a room admin/owner feature to be able to “mute” the other participant is a bit a weakness but perhaps still workable for my use-case. That may be a feature you want to consider down the line.

I’m not worried on #2 since there seem to be viable alternatives to recording short video/audio clips. and I agree an embed is probably easier to use.

At this point I’d say you & Daily.co are 2 potential solutions I anticipate giving strong consideration to. I’ll simply have to try your solution out & see how it that goes. I’ll followup as needed.