[NEW PLUGIN] Zenscroll

Hi all,

We recently published a new (free) plugin called Zenscroll. This provides similar functionality to the built-in scroll to action, but with the ability to set a duration and automatically center the element you are scrolling to. Hope you find this useful!

To install, simply search for “Zenscroll” within the add plugins window. The plugin works by targeting Bubble elements based on the element ID - so you’ll need to go to Settings > General in your app and check the box for “Expose an option to add an ID attribute to HTML elements”

Please let me know if any bugs or issues pop up. Thanks!

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Here’s an example: https://widgets.airdev.co/plugin-widget/zenscroll-1527109408062x470026067079331840


Hi @david2, a great plugin! I’ve noticed that the scroll to action doesn’t work with internet explorer tho. Is it just me or is it a known bug?