New Plugins - Offline Alert, Smoothie Live Data Chart & Firebase Updates

We have two new additions over Here. Sign up is free and there is plenty to have a look at.


Offline Alert

alert your users when they’ve lost internet connectivity. This version allows you to customize the messages that a user see’s & it does its best to cache any actions a user takes after disconnect so it can perform those tasks if the downtime is only a short outage.


Firebase Authenticate

Ive updated & fixed some call’s, you can now signup users to all of the Firebase auth providers, including login/out. The real-time database for both reading and writing data in the public and admin/authenticated databases are now working again. Ive now began to add FireStore (Real-Time database, Offline ability & the ability to make your data structure the hi-est erarchy your thought possible), Push Notifications, Remote Params & the firebase SSO element that even includes SMS verification for free.



Smoothie Live Data Chart

Smoothie is perfect for streaming values into a visual reference. Just place the element on your app and reference your values to show real-time data. Notice it auto scales so no matter what interval/value you pass it smoothie responds well.



Again, these can be found over Here. Sign up is free and there is plenty to have a look at.


I have a question about the Smoothie Live Data Chart.
There is a big problem with this chart that makes it currently unusable.
The “Min Value” and “Max Value” can’t be changed dynamically, it stays whatever value is set upon load.

This is bad for two reasons:

  1. If your data goes higher or lower than these values then the line will go outside the chart and nothing shows up, my datasets aren’t always between -100 and 100 and they can jump in any direction at any time, this would be solved if the Min Value and Max Value would simply adjust dynamically.

I already set these values to a state which is update dynamically based upon the currently displayed value input but the chart doesn’t seem to care.

  1. In my application I want users to select different data that would be displayed on the chart, however all of my data has very different ranges, since the chart doesn’t update the visible area based on the “Min Value” and “Max Value” if the user selects a data that has a different range, I must reload the page every time in order to show the chart.

For these two reasons, I’d not recommend this plugin to anyone unless you have a static data to show and value doesn’t change much.

Any hope to get the “Min Value” and “Max Value” to become adjustable?
@ZeroqodeSupport @vladlarin


Thanks for reaching out. Sorry but aren’t you able to dynamically set these values on your side? Because Min Value and Max Value are able to be changed and dynamically set:

You can check on our demo editor here if you will.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team