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[NEW PLUGUN] RG Lightbox


Just tried again to reproduce your configuration:

I can’t see this error on the test page and the order of the elements does not change.
Here is a temporary link to the editor:

Please make sure you have the latest version of the plugin.
And, if possible, give me a link to the page where the order of the elements changes so that I can see it and understand what’s going on.

Thank you.

Hey @MindForApps / @vasanbo:

Please check your DMs for a video of what’s happening. I can’t share due to private information in the system.

In short, if I change the image element (i.e. adjust the margin or something) it will load in the right place one time. Subsequent refreshes put it in the wrong place.

Thanks to your video, I understand what the problem is.
I wanted to do a quick previous update, but as often happens, fast is not always good.
Now I have made some changes to the plugin code and tried to carefully check the work of the patched version.
Now everything works as expected.

Please update the plugin to version 1.4.3

Thank you.
Good luck.

Seems to be working better. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes. Thanks for the quick response!