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New pricing Aug 2019

I got a email right now about the plans’ new pricing. While simpler, they got higher.
As example, the initial plan went from $16 to $29, a 80% increase.
While building an app remains free, sometimes you need to step to a paid one just for the custom domain feature, as it is important to link building and domain authority for SEO.
With the new pricing, we’ll need more financial resources in the beginning of the app life.


Same here.
Is there ANY logical explanation why after receiving 3 mils of investment price for Personal plan got rise up?

+55% price without adding any ANY NEW FEATURE is a back stab to all your fans


Pro and Personnal have got a huge increase. At least, the pro plan have more capacity and more space storage. But I really believe that we need a Reserved capacity in the middle of Pro and Personnal (2 unit and same storage maybe, like the previous Pro plan, at around 79)

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Is there something different in the personal plan? I don’t see anything, only a hefty increase in price. Not happy.

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I can understand a raise for professional plans and up, but how to justify the personal plan increment? It didn’t got a performance upgrade.

As @csfalcao stated, Personal plans are often used only for the sake of domain, SEO, buying plugins, etc features. These apps won’t necessarily bring incomes.

25$ (+tx) per month is quite expensive!


Other than a few more GB of storage, not really. Personal plan subscribers unfortunately didn’t get the best of this deal.

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We saw that bubble had taken in investors. What did you think would happen! They have countered this with a feature release . In my view pricing was low so an increase was inevitable.


The only reason that I can see why personal plan increased 55% without any changes is the fact as @JonL said when private money comes, everything changes.

They put the money and they want to make more money.

Seen other private projects like Bubble that said at the beginning they wont accept any private money but later they did and/or the platform became very expensive…

I can feel when native support comes, it will be only available for top tiers.


Pretty terrible move on the personal plan imo, massive increase in price for nothing in return. Lots of the people on here are people building little sites on their own/trying new things on the personal plan - it’s becoming almost not worth using bubble anymore for these kind of sites and to start looking at alternatives.

Not just that, but for those with agency plans who transfer ownership to their client, telling your client ‘oh its $30 per month now on top of the dev fee’ is huge and bound to go down badly.

Hopefully bubble will listen to their long time customers instead of their investors but I’m not holding my breath.


Oof this is not a good sign. As a long time developer on Bubble, that’s a massive increase in pricing for all of the plans and is going to be a hard sell to “MVP” clients. How does a small client realistically go from a $129/mo plan to a $475/mo plan. If someone can afford $475/mo, they likely have enough runway to be on the dedicated plan already…


@emmanuel Can explain what the improved for Personal plan? Since that I start to use Bubble is the second change at the plans. From $16 to $29 is 81% of raise.

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Most of my client will stay on their current plan. So no impact. But three of them are new and planned to go on a higher plan.
I got three different answer:
A) We will stay on personnal. We will live with Shared capacity and hope it will go well. (already started to build solution)
B) We will think about that. It’s a serious increase. (Not started to built their solution, and planned to go into Personnal plan as they don’t need a lot of capacity).
C) We will look somewhere else. They planned to take the Pro plan but it’s now too high. Lost. (Started to built, but we was at the very beginning).


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Honestly they could even be asking 40 USD per month and that would be reasonable. The price increase will allow bubble to focus more on performance.


The price increase is what it is, but I’m looking for more clarity on the capacity. Some method to scale up and down gracefully is needed, and if we can’t add units of capacity until we get to the Production plan, that’s a big bummer. I have zero need for any of the Production features aside from more capacity.

If I’m on the Professional plan, and could buy 5 additional units of capacity, that’s an extra $150 bucks I’d be willing to pay. Now, that’s money Bubble won’t be getting. I believe the jump from Professional to Production should at least keep the capacity unit pricing consistent. If I’m being asked to pay an extra $400 a month, I’d expect to get an extra 13-ish units of capacity for my money.


Yeah, getting rid of the ability to scale up capacity on anything less than Production… is a bit harsh. :man_shrugging:

at $29 a month - Professional is still a steal tho :slight_smile:


I feel the same way. There are some exciting features on the roadmap e.g. Calculated fields, Parenthesis, deploy with no refresh and soon to be native solutions on the horizon, that will be a game changer… and if & when these are implemented, I’m now concerned they will be locked off to the highest tier, inaccessible for small businesses using the platform or startups to utilise. I hope I’m wrong.


Yes, I’ve been a fairly ardent supporter of Bubble, but will start to look elsewhere as the continued price increases and removal of being able to add capacity is too much for me. It was fun while it lasted, but there’s no reason for me to continue trying to develop my ideas on Bubble.


Good thing is that no-code world is a very small one(for now). So most probably we will see each other again in another forum :slight_smile:

However, maybe and just maybe, Bubble team really reconsider their strategy.

If not, sorry to see you leave.

At least in wappler(assuming you dedicate time to it) if they ever increase the pricing or change strategy to a point that it doesn’t make sense to continue with their product you keep the source code.

How unreliable has Bubble turned from one day to another?


Hey everyone,

I wanted to jump in and share a few thoughts about why we did this pricing change. I know these kinds of announcement is never pleasant for existing users, but we felt we had to do this for a few reasons. First, this decision is entirely ours. I’ve read quite a few posts where people say “they took on investors so they have to do this”, and this is simply not true. Our investors had nothing to do with this decision.

We have been feeling for a long time that we weren’t being priced at the right level for the value we provide. When we looked at alternatives in the marketplace, most of them are around 30/mo for the first plan, while offering much less features/flexibility than we do (see Boundless and Shopify, for instance). Quite a few users that use us intensively told us we should increase our prices, we were the most critical SaaS product they use to run their businesses, and they are paying us way less than many other tools that are not essential to their operations. Getting pricing right is critical to building a sustainable business. It impacts how we can acquire and service our users. In the long run, if we can’t profitably grow, Bubble will go out of business and we won’t be able to achieve our mission.

For enthusiasts, hobbyists and people in countries where the average salary is just too low for our monthly price, we have the free plan, which offers most of Bubble’s key features. This plan is very important to us, we’ve had it from the beginning, and it is not going anywhere. That is how we empower everyone to create technology, regardless of their financial means. And actually, we have many users running their apps on free plans and have quite a bit traffic.

I want to be clear and reassure everyone: we’re not changing how we see our mission, how we plan on delivering it, and how we want to work with our users to help them build the products they want to build. We just want to make sure we are setting ourselves up for success in the long term. I know this is taking people by surprise, and hearing a price increase is never fun, and that’s why we’re doing this so that it does not impact apps that are already on paid plans.



29$/month for the personnal is really really too expensive.

I like bubble and I would like to test new business with personnal plan (it is not possible with the free plan because I want custom domain) but… I won’t for this price, sorry guys