New Pricing Plans

I have some questions on the new pricing plan, and might also be looking for a Bubble efficiency expert.

I’m currently on the $32/month Personal plan, and for the most part, seems to work for me. Every now and then I get emails that for x hours my app hit the capacity limit which is super annoying, and can never seem to figure out why. While there is a lot to my app, and it does a lot we don’t have that many active users which I would expect it to hit a cap.

I was looking at the new plans to see if maybe that might fix the capacity issue, but it recommends the $134/month Growth plan. I noticed the Monthly workload units is 250k, but when I looked to see what my app is currently doing for the last 30 days I’m over 500k. This would be an additional $75/month in overages bringing my monthly total to $209. Going from $32/month to $209/month is a big increase.

My question is, I’ve not seen anything about a date on which they will force us to move to the new pricing. Currently, I don’t see any reason to switch to the higher plan. While the occasional capacity limit is annoying it’s not +$177/month annoying.

If they will be forcing us to transition eventually I’m wondering if there are any amazing people you all would recommend that I might be able to work with to make my app more efficient. I’m sure my app is not the most efficient, and it might be beyond my lack of expertise.

On a side note, are they going to stop supporting the old layout editor? My entire site is not on the new Responsive system. I’ve tried updating some of the pages, but it seems so difficult to use that I can’t get it to do what I want. I fear them forcing us and I’m left with at the last minute trying to change all 92 pages with the new system.

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Hi there, @eric10… as noted in this blog post, you have until October 1st of next year (2024) to switch over to one of the new plans. If you have not switched by that time. you will have to switch.

About the old responsive engine, Josh has said they will continue to support it, and if they do decide to stop supporting it at some point, they would give users plenty of notice so they are not put in the situation you described (i.e., trying to change 92 pages in a very short period of time). To the best of my knowledge, a timeframe for when the old engine will stop being supported has not been announced, so I would expect it to be supported indefinitely for now.

Finally, as for folks who might be able to help you make your app more efficient before October 2024, it couldn’t hurt to start with the folks on Bubble’s coaching page.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you Mike! Do you happen to be one of those coaches?

Nah, I was never able to make it into that group, but I did recently pass Bubble’s certified developer exam… so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. :wink:

I just looked at the coaching page. I’m not sure how long it would take them to go through 98 pages and the backend workflows to make it more efficient, but they are all over $100/hr.

This group that I have the app for is a side not-for-profit passion project I run, and I’m not sure we could afford that rate if it takes awhile to do. My budget might cap out at $1,000, so not sure what they can do in 10 hours.

I would also like to talk to someone about getting my app as a native iOS app. I’ve heard there are ways to do it, but don’t think I have the expertise or time. As I mentioned this is a side thing I only have limited time to spend on.

I’ll bet they could do a lot in 10 hours, but maybe consider starting with this affordable audit offered by @nsykes. It certainly couldn’t hurt to check it out.


Bubble’s certified developer exam

@mikeloc how did you get access to that so quickly?

It probably has something to do with the fact that I interact with Bubble folks behind the scenes, but I simply joined the waitlist, and I got an email saying I could be part of the early access.

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Thank you @mikeloc for thinking of me! :heart:

@eric10 I love supporting non-profits, I’ll do your audit for free if you’d like to work with me to see how we can make your app more efficient.

I’ll DM you to set it up!


Thank you @nsykes!

One other thing I wanted to flag: You also could purchase a workload tier which would give you an extra 200K workload units and then pay for overages on top of that. You can put in your requirements here: Subscription Planner | Bubble and it looks like that will get you to a grand total of $80/month (and also end your capacity problems).

I’m working on figuring out the best way to solve user education about workload and workload tiers for customers like you so would love to chat a little more about this with you if you’re open!