New pricing poll

I’ve read many long form responses to the new pricing fiasco, I’d like to introduce a poll to gain insight on a more broad level of where the community stand on flexibility with bubble price changes.

Of course at this point bubble has established they either need to cut overhead OR increase revenue, likely to appease investors so it’s inevitable, but what route would the community prefer to see from a user perspective.

Select all that apply to your mindset and feel free to leave comments below.

  • Lower plans raised in price with no change to features/limits
  • Higher plans raised in price with no changes to limits/features
  • Lower plans have same price with new limits
  • Higher plans have same price with limits
  • I would not be okay with database limits
  • I would be okay with same pricing with reasonable limits with ability to scale db limits with add ons as needed
  • I would not be okay with any price changes or limits

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Guaurav came up with the perfect structure in another thread. He put a lot of thought into it, it’s well worth looking at


I’ll look for it thank you!

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