New Project for a web / cloud application


I am based in Bangalore, India and looking for a freelancer who can build an application for me. the use case is as follows

web application on any cloud that can monitor, check my cloud servers. These are the use cases we are trying to do:

  1. Schedule checks every 3 hours for CPU and Memory average performance and capture this in a dashboard

  2. Disk Space values, check disk space on servers every 6 hours and capture this in a dashboard

3.Check for application services, if down then can we email someone

  1. Linux patch update /software update for all the system

  2. Want to automate backup process if down then can we email someone

  3. Want to ping IP and telnet ports at given intervals and in case of no response, alerts to be sent to dashboard and email notification

is this possible? what will be a charge to do this?


Hi MIchael,

Please check PM


Sorry i did not understand. who is PM?

Hi Micahel,

PM means Personal Message (PM).

Gabriel A.