New Project This is a big project

I need some body / company / freelance to contact me to discuses the project and pricing. Please only extreme experience and serious people / company / freelance. This is a big project.

If you want “extreme experience and serious people / company” I will recommend AirDev


PM Sent!

Hello @avi ,

We’ll be glad to help you out with this. Check your PM please.

Regards Ezcode Team !

These topics… I don’t have the solution but the topics (and always the same replies) in the ‘freelance’ section really take this community in a weird direction in my opinion…


I’m not sure if Bubble officially endorses them but I’m almost certain this was built in bubble and allows for a certain degree of vetting. I suggest pinning them to the top of the forum freelance section. I also suggest they they revamp their design so that it looks more official.

Avi sorry for hijacking your thread. I’ve heard good things about airdev as well. I am not affiliated with them in any way nor have I ever worked with them but I’ve seen some of their projects and marketing and I think you should check them out.


Mind sharing some details about the ‘Big’ project. Will help get the really serious companies interested.