New projects built on Bubble

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of new services that will help you out, built on Bubble of course:

Avocado - UK based SaaS and startup blog article writing service - 1000 words just $35

Poptales - Animated explainer videos inc sales script, USA voiceover and music, $999 for UNLIMITED videos a month, or $349 for one video!

Would be great to help you out with your business content and can roll up a discount for fellow Bubblers.



Hi Reece,

Avocado looks really good, love the UI.

Interested to know:

How do you plan to sell the product to new customers?
Have made any revenue at this point?

At the bottom of this page you have two separate scrolling groups. How did you set this up in terms of the elements used / data source / structure etc. I noticed you have different content types in there.

The link provided for Poptales doesnt seem to be working.


i’m not the author, but my guess is that it was made with Webflow just by checking the html.

I’m pretty sure you can do it in bubble too.

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