New: PWA plugin now available, FREE mobile templates

Hey Bubble community -

We’re excited to make a new release featuring our new PWA plugin and two free mobile templates.

As a reminder, PWA stands for progressive web app, which is a mobile-optimized web app that performs, looks and feels like a native app. It’s one of the fastest growing trends in software development and is becoming the standard for developers that want to offer a high-quality mobile experience, but don’t need to distribute their apps through the app store or make use of native device features (e.g. push notifications, camera, barcode, etc.). But if you want to be in the app store or want to access native device features, noCodeJS has got you covered there as well!

Current noCodeJS users that have received PWA enhancements will be asked to download the additional plugin we are releasing which contains tons of great workflow triggers and actions required for installation and related UX. More instructions can be found here.

As always, our noCodeJS developer suite comes with a free 30 day trial, so we hope all of you are able to ship your MVPs before the trial is even finished! Head over to today and get started.

We’re also releasing a new mobile store template showcasing our PWA features. This could be a great kickstart for apps related to distributors, rewards, employee management, and much more.
The template will be out in the marketplace any moment so stay tuned on this post, until then check it out in this open editor:

Next week, we’ll be releasing a new native mobile template featuring push notifications. You can check out the demo today in our Companion App inside your Hyperbuild portal.


@Hyperbuild_Labs thanks for creating a PWA plugin! What i am currently not sure is whether my app has to be on a paid plan so i can store the manifest file? Do you have any info on that?


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