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New Age Modifications offers top quality products. We offer top CAD/MDT’s for free, We are ranked in the top for friendly assistance along with quick and friendly to use products. We strive to meet all of your needs when it comes to Roleplay assistance. We understand there are different time zones so with that in mind we off 24/7 assistance with any products that you are either interested in or having issues with. We make sure everything is to your liking when obtaining your product. Our CAD/MDTs, Field Training Officer Databases, Applications are all made by our developers and we have been reviewed to be the best. We are also recruiting staff for the top designers and staff with great ideas!


:white_check_mark: Distant CAD ( FREE )

:white_check_mark: Cloud CAD

:white_check_mark: Gravity CAD

:white_check_mark: Real CAD

:white_check_mark: Economy CAD

:white_check_mark: Windows 10 CAD

We Have Many More CADs Coming Soon…

Other Products:

:page_facing_up: Application System

:computer: Field Training Officer Database

We Have Many More Other Products Coming Soon…

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We Are Always Looking For Staff In Our Wide Variety Of Positions We Have Open.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Jobs You Can Get Involved In:

:cyclone: Staff - Moderate Channels & Enforce Rules.

:cyclone: Support Team - Deal With Tickets And Support Staff.

:cyclone: Sale Team - Creates CADs from our bubble account and delivers them to customers.

:cyclone: Developers - Will make new products on / and when members come up with #suggestions, the developer will consider putting it on there CAD.

:briefcase: Owner: Connor Lee#5230

:briefcase: Co-Owner: Harrison#8728

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