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New Release : Update App - For Business

A new mobile app is released in google play store. Its name is Update App.
The landing web page of the app is in bubble (Thanks to bubble team & @MindForApps team ).

This is a digital business card application. Users can create their Business MYME (Profile) Using this app including their business address, social links, List of products and list of services. Its possible to generate Business card from business MYME for those who doesn’t have a business card. They can share their generated business card and their business profile in any social media.

For Business : Any people / your customers can find you by searching your service / product name. They can chat you using the app, and can make the business deal. Also they can add your business card to their connection list for later communication and chat. This will be good for freelance workers. Your customers never miss your business card.

Its possible to add your business card to customers connection list by scanning the QR code. This will avoid the use of paper business card after a business meet. Also business men can print the business card in PVC (Like credit card), and they can show the embed QR code in the business card to their customers to add too the connection list. Thus you need to carry a credit card type business card. No need to carry and fill your pocket with paper business card anymore.

For customer : They can easily search and find any services near them. They can chat with service providing peoples to make a clear deal. They can call and access the connected business card even if there is no internet connection.

Customers those who need any product near to them, they can search in update app now. So they can spot their required product they can chat with the shop keeper for discount or specifications before finding the parking slot. :grinning:

You can download the app from playstore :

Try and enjoy.
Thank you.
Joseph Bento

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Hello, did you develop this? I would like to ask you some questions and pick your brain if possible. DM if you would like to chat. Have a great day