New Responsive [beta] Drag and Drop in Editor Canvas

Hey all! As popularly requested, we’ve added drag and drop in the canvas for the new responsive engine. Here’s an overview of functionality:

  • In Row, Column, and Align-to-parent containers, you can now drag an element by clicking and holding, just like in Fixed containers
  • This will show an indicator for where the element is being dragged + lower the opacity of other elements in the same group
  • Drag indicators are determined by the position of the cursor. This means the size of the element you are dragging no longer limits which containers you can drag it into
  • When you release the click, the element is dropped where indicated
  • You can drag existing elements within a container or to a new container + drag in new elements from the elements palette
  • You can also drag sets of multiple elements, and they are all dropped at the indicator in their starting relative order

New Responsive | Drag and Drop in Editor Canvas


Well done – Just played with it. Intuitive!

Awesome! looking forward to that. That should make learning the new engine a bit easier. :blush:

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Oooo! Looking forward to using this!


This is such an awesome addition. Great work on this @manasi!!

Awesome! Many thanks!!

Oh that is so cool :love_you_gesture:

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