New Responsive [beta] Drag and Drop in Elements Tree

@kathleen Perfect! Now, if y’all could follow this same methodology for “Show All Elements”, it would make my year with Bubble. “Show All Elements” is a button you can click that shows everything other than popups, group focus, and floating groups. A lifesaver for people with SPA’s with significant amount of hidden groups on the page. No more “Show All Children” clicks 3-4 times to get these massive amounts of nested hidden groups.

One button to show them all. :slight_smile:


I’ll be reporting the following as a bug then. Initially, I was confused because I couldn’t drag it out of the group, but then I realized it didn’t make sense that it wound up inside the group to begin with when I dragged it onto the page.


I’m glad you confirmed that this is not expected behavior.


Hell yes!

OMG :exploding_head: finally :smiley:

Awesome Sauce! :smile: This makes a huge difference for something that’s been a real pain in responsive design. Thank’s team great feature!!!

Just saying this out loud so I actually get it. If it’s at the bottom its Z-index is higher, thus on top of everything else.

Before it used to be the other-way-around, no?

I’ve logged this for future consideration — thank you for the feature request!

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Yes, you’re completely correct! Z-index used to be sorted in descending order, but we changed it to be in ascending order so that it is more consistent with HTML standards.

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can you drag and drop a floating group relative to other floating groups to change their z index?

it’s seems like if you you have multiple floating groups and don’t create them in the right order you can’t re-arrange them.

Hi, we’ve disabled drag and drop for floating groups since they rest above the page and can’t be nested into other groups. If you’d like to rearrange the floating group order, you can select one, then in the top menu bar, click Arrange > Bring to front/Send to back

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Nice! Thank you!

Waiting for shift+click to select more than 1 element

Is there a way to rearrange popups in the element tree? Would be great to be able to create some logic and order in a page with 15 popups

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Can you please add a new function in Elements Tree. I would be much easier to work with it if the tree highlighted the current item. It is hard to seek which item is currently acitve. Thank you.