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New Responsive Engine [beta] is Live!

If you agree that the main issue is the addition of many nested rows, columns, and box elements, please upvote my comment above. I think that my solution would make it easiest on everyone to migrate. Also, if you have any other ideas on easing migration add 'em! I think the users know what would be best.

EDIT: I want to bring attention to this solution so that it will be implemented quickly.


I have almost finished converting an entire page – One thing I’ve noticed is I’m manipulating the element tree quite a bit… And I have a feature request that’s been a long time coming…

When we right click an element in the tree, can we get a quick “Edit” in that context menu? Clicking an element… then trying to click the exact element in the editor without touching the sub items is killing me. If I had a dime for everytime I clicked an element INSIDE the group I’m actually trying to edit, I’d be rich :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 10.08.23 AM


Thank you… one idea. In the responsive view there are presets for screen size, but there is no numeric value to show the actual px width. It would be helpful to have a number show when you drag the width bar. We use 375px width as a standard - but can not really tell since the mobile preset it 320px? Thanks again.

THIS! And the ability to drag an element out of it’s parent element and into a different parent element… but this is a bit more difficult to implement.


This is actually suuuuper duuupper great thanks and well done <3


Can you say more about how you fixed this, I have an issue with the group focus that I dont know how to fix Group Focus not acting right

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Hi @nickc - Quick question. Under the conditionals you have allowed us to change margins. How soon will you be releasing other options in the layout tab? Specifically how soon will you let us change min/max height and width. So for instance I can go into conditionals and add for example when current page width is less than 768 min width equals 300 for instance. Assuming this is coming soon what is the easiest snippet of code workaround in the meantime? If anyone else like @rico.trevisan @sudsy @jacobgershkovich @mariel.vargas has a work around snippet would love to know it. Thanks so much in advance!

Thanks @nickc . Not always do we add item by copy-paste, isn’t it? My most frequent way of adding an element is clicking on the ‘elements’ pane on the left and then clicking/drawing it on the canvas in the group/page I want. Now for me to do that there should be some empty space in the page. If the page is already full with groups, then I can’t do this. When I click on canvas, I’d end up clicking some group instead of the page.

And increasing/decreasing min. height from the “layout” is not the most comfortable one. There is no snapping grids or gridlines to guide. There is a lot of experiment on keep changing the numeric value etc.

Also I couldn’t find a documentation on what min. height means. Does it mean that it will add a scrollbar if content is more? Does it mean that if some content is invisible, then it will leave a blank gap at the bottom? Clicking on “See reference” in editor takes to Responsive Engine Beta’s root page.

Could you please also comment on “Group B is not a possible option” error that I am getting?

:warning: Issue: material design icons are randomly taking on 0 height.
To reproduce, it seems to happen when the parent group is resizes or alignment is changed.

:warning: Issue: When grouping items, everything becomes “fixed width” despite having another setting prior.


Totally agree with you suggestion, but wanted to give a quick tip though:
CMD + Click selects an element under an element.

I use this to access groups that are filled with elements.


Wait… … … … … … . What? This should be on the front page of the documentation in all capital letters. I just tried this on a PC using CTRL and it didn’t work. Is this a MAC only feature?

Where we can report bugs?

:warning: Group Focus in the new engine is catastrophic! Super buggy!
:warning: Maybe is part of the first bug, but when creating reusable elements and using Group Focus as we used in the old engine is just not working properly…

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Yeah, I’d been using Bubble for a while before I discovered it, but it’s right there in the editor help menu…


I agree, it’s super important. I think discovered it watching videos about bubble on YouTube. Actually, @sudsy I don’t think it’s in the shortcuts list on bubble.

I actually use a Chromebook, so for my is my special “everything” button. Perhaps try using you windows key and then clicking (but it’s supposed to be the command key). I think i usually have to double click as well.

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It’s there for me - both Mac and Win…

However, I’m not entirely sure which key maps to CMD on Windows. :neutral_face:


BTW, what’s really nifty is that it’s not just one level. It cycles through the element hierarchy with each successive click.


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The issue is with the containers children (your form), at 00:27 there is a splitsecond where the children group is visible, and its filling out to the right. Try setting min width to 0 and max to inf of all children elements.

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It seems re-usables created in the new engine, still out of their Group containers.

This has made my approach to building apps unworkable, as I generally stack a bunch of groups at 50px high and embed the re-usable in the group and hide & collapse as needed.

I assume this is a bug ?

[ISSUE] Why when I group two elements in a group, bubble create the new group with fixed width and convert the child elementes to fixed width too?

I tested a bit with the new engine. I guess that if you start from scratch and you have the hang of it, it will be working perfectly. But I am experiencing som major problems. If I change a complicated page to the new engine, I only see dimensions of the main containers. All other elements have no dimensions anymore, they only have minimum dimensions. So basically if I don’t have an exact copy of the page next to it on my screen I have no idea how pixel perfect the original page was.

Is this really the way? Forget about pixel perfect positions and dimensions? I can live with that but it means I have to spend days again to go through all my pages. Or am I missing something and elements do still show original dimensions?

Another feature what seems to be missing is to copy and paste the formatting. That would save tons of time. I thought it’s the copy style function but that doesn’t do anything with the formatting.