New Responsive Engine [beta] is Live!

Another bug regarding the new responsive engine. I have now spend roughly 50+ hours converting all my pages to the new engine. So, I do have a bit of expierience now.

Bug with Repeating Groups:
When you uncheck “set fix number of rows” it seems the RG is turned into an infinite repeating group. Even though, e.g. I have a filter (on the search) which limits the number of entries to lets say 5 it shows 100s of entries in the editor. Now that would not be a problem if, for whatever reason, the editor would not immediately become extremely slow (i.e. delay of 3-4 seconds after one click)

Connected to that: Why can’t we (like with the old engine) define the number of rows and STILL enable vertical scrolling? With the new one, that option becomes only visible after unchecking the above mentioned setting. This cannot be intended? What if I want to have a RG with 5 rows (100s entries) which is scrollable? Yes, I could play around with the height but I much more prefer the legacy solution.

P.S. Also, let me say that just converting legacy pages to the new engine is crap. Even with simple pages. After converting you get an extremely “messy” page with 100s of “Rows” and the editor becomes super slow. I have now manually created a new, blank page or reusable element for each legacy element. Then I copy the old element to the new engine. Still a hell lot of work. But better than the bubble solution.

Another note: Never has the editor (even with “vanilla” new responsive engine pages) been SO slow.

To end on a positive note: The new engine gives so much more flexibility and power. Much easier to build beautiful pages IMHO.