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New Responsive Engine [beta] is Live!

This should not be a thing. The plug-in should have versions for stability. This is just poor planning and implementation.

@nickc how can we avoid this sort of deployment in the future? There is no reason that legacy users should see any bugs due to the new beta engine. Is it possible to add versioning for bubble plugins?

Edit: @fabrice.latour04 are you seeing issues when using the drag/drop group in the legacy engine or the new beta engine? My issues are on the legacy engine.

Thanks for flagging and appreciate your concern. For better or for worse, we haven’t touched the Draggable Elements Plugin so if you are seeing issues with this plugin on the legacy responsive engine, it is possible that it is due to something else. Do you mind filing a bug report so our team can investigate & fix? Apologies that you are having issues!

Regarding plugin versioning, completely agree. For context, most of the Bubble built plugins were hardcoded some time ago and do not have any built-in versioning like those built on our plugin editor. When we have the resources in place to do so, we will invest heavily in improving our library of Bubble built plugins - which includes versioning. Again, apologies for the any issues you are currently facing.

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Thanks Nick! I wasn’t sure what could have caused the sudden bugs. I created a test app demonstrating the issue and am in touch with the team.

Thanks for flagging and apologies that this condition appears to no longer be working on the new responsive engine. Have you filed a bug report yet?

@nickc Are we missing padding in this section?

We haven’t implemented padding controls yet (outside of those that already exist for a few visual elements), but this is a high priority improvement before the new responsive engine goes out of beta.


Thanks for filing! This will help us determine if its an issue with the 3rd party library we rely on for that plugin or a regression somewhere that we can address internally.

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Congrats on the launch of the flex box engine. I will definitely redo my app as the previous engine was terrible to work with repeating groups. Let’s see if this one is better.

Thank you for your time and effort you put into this!

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Only when converting pages to the new responsive engine that use the Drag/drop Plugin.

Glad to help. I’m going to start utilizing test apps more and more to simplify the debugging process for the Bubble team. I appreciate y’all.

Crazy thought: Is there any possibility of making the hard-coded Bubble plug-ins open source so that users can expand on their capabilities?

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Thank you - the test apps for repro cases definitely helps the team out a lot.

This probably won’t be a very satisfying answer but that decision is likely above my pay grade :sweat_smile:. Its a request that has come up a number of times though, so the team is definitely aware for when we start to prioritize our plugin ecosystem more heavily.


The more I play with the new responsive editor, the more I realize it’s built on steroids. Hopefully it’ll get out of beta soon. :strawberry:

Mind boggling how fast I can put certain groups on the page without dragging them back and forth by the pixel


Well, it looks like this condition is working again, not sure why or how. So no need to file a bug report for now. Thanks @nickc

Please stop changing everything to fix width when I click"Group Elements in a group". I’m tired of having everything perfect and then essentially having to redo all the settings from scratch - it’s a nightmare.

Explanations on the responsive screen would be very much welcomed back as well.

However, I am coming around to the new editor… It’s a shame we lost the drag and drop and everything is much slower to build but the additional features are worth the tradeoff.

We also need the ability to change the order based on page width. Actually the ability to change all layout settings on page width would be amazing.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Last night and this morning I noticed a problem…

If I have my page container layout set to Fixed the moment I do anything like resizing another element on the page or moving a button slightly the page height automatically resizes and snaps to that element.

So if I have a Button
Container type Fixed
W: 85, H: 31, X: 359, Y: 132
and I move this button
The page Height snaps to 163

This is happening every time something on the page is adjusted and I have to keep clicking on the page and enter the page height I want (there’s not much that aggravates me but this is one of those lol)

Has anyone expieranced this behavior?

Yes indeed. Have not yet submitted a bug report though, so please do.

You got it, consider it submitted :wink:


So using the new responsive engine, I’ve been able to create my dream layout when the main content is repeating groups. Without using any floating groups or hero-sizing, I’ve not got a full responsive app that looks fantastic, and is easy to control responsive wise.

However, I want to keep this layout throughout my app, which primarily uses re-usable components. So I was hoping I could just replace the repreating group with the re-usable component as such.

However, when I add a repeatable component that is longer than the viewport then it ruins all my vertical stretching and the left two side-bars now start scrolling. I discovered a way around this would be to make my re-usable components pages and display this in an iFrame but then the URLs dont’ change, which make it impracticle for my purposes (and not particulalry efficient).

Am I missing something? Or else can we make it so can we have a “scroll” container type or something to be used in a group that scrolls the content within the group that stays locked?

Ok, solved it. Seems you can put a re-usable component in a repeating group. So I simply add a single-row repeating group (with any criteria that will generate a result) and embed the component into that group. I have a bunch of repeating groups that a hide/display based on URL parameters. The nice thing is that unlike groups in the new responsive engine, I can stack these repeating groups which is how I used to organise my components in the old engine.

This seems to work a treat, however, I still think Bubble should create a less-hacky way to achieve this and allow components in a group to scroll within that group.

And while we’re at it, a conditional property that lets you display a re-usable component would top it off, and make building SPAs a breeze!

@nocodeventure, this?

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