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New Responsive Engine [beta] is Live!

@nickc can we please have “min. height” to not keep changing automatically? Especially when we are writing expression in a text field, just because expression is long, the text field’s min height is increasing. It is frustrating to keep fixing those again and again.

@nickc How do we control a popup to the center of the page, or at least control the margin from top to bottom

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I don’t believe this is an option (yet). We did recently fix a bug where the placement of the popup was different from the legacy engine though. Logging this as a feature request.


Something I often do to control the spacing at the top is simply remove the background and styling from the popup itself and then style a group inside to look like a popup.

If the popup should close when clicked outside, then I add a workflow to the popup element to close itself on click as well as an empty click workflow on the group so that the popup doesn’t close when the group is clicked.

The only “issue” - and it’s a minor one - is that the mouse pointer changes to the “hand” when over the spacing region. Works just as one would expect though.



Offcourse, that’s genius

Hey everyone, quick announcement!

You can now allow your groups to scroll when content overflows with a new checkbox available on container elements. Your container will have to be either fixed height or have content taller than the max height for the content to actually scroll.

Note: the container itself will not scroll in edit mode and the content will appear to be cutoff. To design the content that will appear “below the fold,” set a larger than needed max height in edit mode, then readjust to the right max height when you are happy with how it looks.


There is now a subcategory in the “Need Help” category devoted to the New Responsive Engine. As many users have pointed out, this thread is getting quite hefty and important knowledge sharing is getting lost. If there is a better place for this subcategory, let me know. Thanks all!


Appreciate the feedback - we are looking into how to make this process more seamless, including selecting what container layout type you want when using that menu option.

Happy to hear you are coming around to the new editor. Bringing back drag & drop within responsive containers is also something we are looking into :slight_smile:


So to confirm I’m understanding this right, is this new scrolling behavior similar to what was previously achieved with a floating group in cases where a developer wants, say, a sidebar through which people can scroll without scrolling the main page?

This is correct

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Hi, we just released a video on using the new responsive engine to our youtube channel, hopefully this is helpful to some.


Any chance we can see the roadmap for the responsive engine? So we know which items are being tackled, planned, or ignored. I don’t think this even needs a timeline aspect to it, just a way to track things as they’re complete - the release notes don’t share much and things aren’t always updated in this thread.

It would be helpful for builders when we plan our work and schedule the time to start converting pages.


Significant problems with the new responsive beta. Created an app from a template (maybe that was my first issue). I created some pages, and it worked as always. It was notable that when I went into the Responsive tab in a page, it worked as before. But when I went into the Responsive tab for a Header or Footer is gave me the upgrade message. When I tried to upgrade the header it appeared to do it, but it shows the device widths across the top of the page, but I can’t click on any of them. So I deleted the new header and went back to the backup of the old header. Now I see this on the page when I go into preview mode.

@nickc Repeating groups do not collapse in height when hidden :confused:

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This might be a dumb question, but do you have the collapse when hidden box checked on the layout tab?

Yes I have.

Just did a quick test and was able to get a repeating group to collapse, though perhaps your situation is different. Do you mind filing a bug report?

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There’s surely more to it than this, because I have an RG that collapses just fine. Mine resides within a Group Focus having Column layout.

The issue is likely related to your specific layout and/or combination of settings. It seems a bug report with a link to the page demonstrating the issue might be helpful.

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Is anyone else’s responsive editor blowing their CPU/memory?

I have reusable element which crashes my browser when I load it.

Nothing fancy about the reusable either. A simple popup with 2 repeating groups.

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I will file a bug report, though can’t seem to get it working. The minimum height is set to 0%