New Responsive Engine [beta] is Live!

I think your understanding of the feature is correct, but it does not sound like the behavior you are seeing is expected. Its hard to say if its a bug or not without looking at your editor - but might be worth filing a bug report if you can’t seem to get it to work.

Filed. Thanks for your time.

Is there some option to make GroupFocus “Fit width to the content”? Right now I can adjust it between min and max and the group is max by default.

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Daily annoyance

  • Many people have said this. Why does everything I lay down default to “fixed”?
  • When grouping things, the elements also take up a fixed width. Why?

Please fix this, something that I have to deal with 500 times per day. @nickc


Second this. 90% of the time, the first thing I do is hit the layout dropdown, then uncheck fixed width, remove the width, and set to “Fit to Content”.

Hey all! We’ve just launched a feature to allow layout and sizing properties to be conditionally changed. You can access this in the Conditionals tab of the property editor when selecting an element. For any condition, you can now select these additional properties to change when true:

  • Alignment
    • Container alignment of Row
    • Vertical alignment within Row
    • Horizontal alignment within Column
    • Nonant alignment in Align-to-Parent
  • Sizing
    • Width / Min Width / Max Width
    • Height / Min Height / Max Height

As a note, we haven’t yet added any dependent layout types to conditionals yet. For example, changing container layout type would require new parent and child element controls as well. We’re investigating how we might support this in the future.

We hope this helps as you continue building responsive layouts!


WOOOOO! Very excited!! Full control over layouts with conditionals is what’s missing. Thank you!

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YES! Super excited for this

This is amazing!

Thanks for the feedback - we are looking into how we can create more sensible defaults to improve the usability of new responsive.


Yes!!! I gave up on a project because these were missing. Time to revisit it. Thanks!

Hey guys, when do you use Align-to-Parent ? i always use rows and still have the same options or am i missing something? thx

Also i need way more groups in the new editor (that i love btw) so it would be great if this left tab is visible for all groups or scrollable…


thanks for sharing this screenshot, will share with the team!


When I need it. :smirk: (Sorry, couldn’t resist. :wink:)

You’re missing something. ATP and Row are fundamentally different. With ATP, each element within the container positions itself relative to exactly one of nine specific points of its parent container - one of the corners, the middle of one of the sides, or the center. It’s really that simple (but oh so powerful). You can use margins - including negative margins - to offset the element from its “anchor point”, and it will stay in that same relative position when the layout changes. Super sweet.

Please check out the docs if you haven’t already.

There’s also a forum dedicated to the new layout engine.



Holy nest-o-rama!

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Wish from my side:

A “ungroup group” option on the left site with a right click would be really useful sometimes hahaha - but yeah - big tools need sometime a lot of groups.


I personally have found that I need less nesting with the new layout engine than with the legacy engine.


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true - but now i build bigger tools - cause bubble is more stable :rofl: