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New Responsive Engine [beta] is Live!

Yeah, it was Column.

It’s an issue because if you want the group to scroll then you’ll need to use a Floating Group, but if you want to use the new horizontal responsiveness you can’t use a floating group because you can’t set the z-axis and they’re not in the same groups.

In the multi-line input there’s an option for “stretch to fit content” if that stretch to fit content isn’t checked then the content in the input scrolls. In the new responsive editor there is a “fit height to content” and that works great. But unchecked “fit height to content” seems like it should be have like that input and allow for a scroll in the group. I understand why there was a decision before the new engine since there was no option to fit height, but now, if I have a group in a group it should behave like a floating group (which has this option), but we can’t use because we can’t set z.

@sudsy - here’s a strange workaround: if you use a repeating group, instead of a regular group (the data type is User and the data source is Current User: converted to list… it creates a single item RG. This will allow the group to scroll around the RG and fill the space.

Odd, but it works?

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Hi David,

I’m not sure I fully understand the desired behavior based on your description. Is something like the following what you’re after?

In the above example, the sidebar disappears below page width 650px. (I just chose an arbitrary value.)

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Hi! Just asking again… is there any plan to include a “migrate as is” option to avoid the creation of new containers? Otherwise, Migration for large complex apps is not feasible and will leave many users that invested their resources fully into a bubble app behind with no real options. Full rebuilds are out of the question, and the current migration is a mess.

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Right, but what if you wanted the sidebar in this example to expand instead of disappear, and the content group should disappear? Only one of those two can expand/disappear. What if you wanted either to disappear? Of course, this can be done with duplicate elements, but you can’t use the same elements to do this.

Am I the only one who’s getting weird “line breaks” on styling today ?

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I thought at first it was an issue just to do with Font Awesome icons using BBCode but might be expanded BBCode in general - submit a bug report I reckon; Bug Report | Bubble

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will do, thanks


I am unable to hide groups or elements with the new responsive engine. Only the contents within the group get hidden but not the group itself. It looks like you need to hide the parent group in order to hide the wanted group. Is that a bug or a wanted behaviour?

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Quick announcement everyone!

We just deployed the option when upgrading your existing page to the new responsive engine to upgrade “as is”. This means everything will be converted into fixed containers and your page will be structured essentially the same as it was before. Based on feedback, this should make converting more complex pages more straight forward. This does mean, however, that your page will not be responsive after the upgrade - you’ll still have to update your page and containers to responsive container layout types based on the responsive behavior desired.

The option to convert your page to the new responsive engine and match responsive behavior does still exist, but will lead to the extra groups required to map the old engine to the new engine.

We hope that this optionality will help you choose the best option for your use case. Look forward to hearing your feedback, thanks all!


Just deployed :slight_smile:


This is why I love this company and this team. You truly listen. I hope this helps many users adopt the new engine!!


@nickc I really love the new responsive engine, it’s so much easier to have control over how things behave and it’s much faster to build with this new engine. I’m in the process of building an app and I don’t want to use the old engine but there are too many bugs / plugins that don’t work / no selectpdf plugin etc. with the new responsive engine. What would you do in my case? Build on the legacy engine, or build on the new (beta) engine?


Is there going to be a forum section for the RE (responsive engine)? I ask because this page is getting quite long.

I have an issue when creating new groups at the end of a page/element tree, I can’t see the group in the editor (it does show up in the elements tree) but can see it in preview. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
Edit: Make Previous/First/Next did the trick to help find it (for some reason making it last after a centered repeating group its getting hidden somehow) but Im happy to find it for now and Im sure I’ll figure out why lol


PSA: in case you’ve encountered the bug where “Bring to front”/“Send to back” wouldn’t work with floating groups (as I have), here’s a quick note that Bubble has fixed the issue and ordering floating groups along the z-axis now works as it’s supposed to. :tada:


Same question here - To be or not yet to be RE (with so much of a bias to take the risk, hoping the fixed container would be a rescue boat)

There’s already a forum for discussing responsiveness, although it’s not specific to the new layout engine.


(Bug report #18182)
Wondering if other people are having trouble using the Drag/drop Group Container with the new responsive engine?

On some occasions, the Dragged container just disappears when dragged:

Appearance options are same as old responsive engine
Layout options are also same as old responsive engine

On other occasions I get this error:

@nickc has this been reported by other Bubblers? Also I think it’s a small bug that there are 2 Collapse when hidden options?

Great question!

Regarding bugs, the team is hard at work and we should be in a more stable place in a matter of weeks. The plugin editor will be getting an upgrade soon that will allow plugin developers to leverage the new responsive engine as well. Finally, regarding selectpdf, since the upgrade to new responsive happens page by page, you can leave the page that will be sent to selectpdf in old responsive.

Side note, selectpdf just updated their engine to be based on IE11 which means its possible the plugin will work with new responsive as IE11 does support flexbox. This has not yet been tested however.

So, given the above, I think it depends on your use case. If your app will be leaning heavily on 3rd party visual plugin elements and your planned release date is within a few weeks, it might make sense to stay on the old responsive engine for now. However, if you have a longer timeline for release, the new responsive engine might be a better choice. I hope this helps, thanks.