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New Responsive Engine [beta] is Live!

I’m loving the New RE (responsive engine)!

One thing Id like to have from the old system (unless I missed it somewhere) is the ability to have trailing dots… for text elements if the text element is not large enough for the text inside.

Which was called: Cutoff element if the element is not tall enough (checkbox).

It doesn’t have to be the exact same thing but something similiar for dynamic text would be very useful.



Thank you a lot for taking the time to go through this.

Your solution is nice, but as you have already mentioned it is not going to work in my case because I would like to keep constant margins between the page border and the images of 20px and an overall space of 40px between the images.

For example, for a page width of 1280px I would like these images to have a width of say 600px each and only be 280px when the page width gets to 320px.

I remember that it was somehow possible to achieve this result with the Bubble’s old responsive engine.


You have to set in the layout tab to be a fixed height.

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 10.44.56 PM
Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 10.44.27 PM


I would like to highlight the necessity for building a very large wall between the legacy and beta responsive engines. As things are ported over to the new engine, there must be stability for legacy apps! I have found that my drag/drop groups are extremely buggy now since the draggable UI plugin has no versioning. How can we ensure that the new beta does not impact the legacy apps greatly while you transition and debug?

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Not sure if this has been reported yet, but when implementing a reuseable element that contains a popup reuseable element (both using new responsive engine) there is a bunch of whitespace at the bottom of the popup. I have to constrain the height to fixed height to remove it rather than it automatically sizing. The preview of the popup in the editor doesn’t show the whitespace.


Thanks @boston85719 :+1:

I had this issue too. I deleted the inner popup and recreated it again and it seemed to fix the issue.

Wow, I just transitioned my heaviest page to the new responsive engine using the recently added option to ‘restructure page to match existing responsive behavior’. It’s much easier to tweak the pages to our desired expectations with that new option. Also I noticed that my page (which has 3 hidden repeating groups including images) loads much faster under the new responsive engine.

However @nickc, I think the condition “when page loaded (entire) is” is not working anymore. I am using this condition to show a text “pre-loader” that says “please wait” while the repeating groups are loading. But the text never disappears, even once the page is fully loaded. I have the exact same condition in the old responsive engine and it works fine there. See screenshot of how I’m using this condition below:


This is very critical. More critical than fixing the issues. Many of us are waiting for the new system to stabilise before migration. We can wait a bit more, but can’t afford to have existing things broken (and sometimes without our knowledge)

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Hey @gbenchanoch,

Just to let you know I was also facing strange behaviors with the Drag/drop Plugin and received this official response from the Bubble Support team `

" […] this is a known issue that has to do with the fact that plugins haven’t yet been updated to be compatible with the new responsive engine. This is due to the new responsive engine still being in beta and will likely change as we get closer to an official release of the feature."


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This should not be a thing. The plug-in should have versions for stability. This is just poor planning and implementation.

@nickc how can we avoid this sort of deployment in the future? There is no reason that legacy users should see any bugs due to the new beta engine. Is it possible to add versioning for bubble plugins?

Edit: @fabrice.latour04 are you seeing issues when using the drag/drop group in the legacy engine or the new beta engine? My issues are on the legacy engine.

Thanks for flagging and appreciate your concern. For better or for worse, we haven’t touched the Draggable Elements Plugin so if you are seeing issues with this plugin on the legacy responsive engine, it is possible that it is due to something else. Do you mind filing a bug report so our team can investigate & fix? Apologies that you are having issues!

Regarding plugin versioning, completely agree. For context, most of the Bubble built plugins were hardcoded some time ago and do not have any built-in versioning like those built on our plugin editor. When we have the resources in place to do so, we will invest heavily in improving our library of Bubble built plugins - which includes versioning. Again, apologies for the any issues you are currently facing.

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Thanks Nick! I wasn’t sure what could have caused the sudden bugs. I created a test app demonstrating the issue and am in touch with the team.

Thanks for flagging and apologies that this condition appears to no longer be working on the new responsive engine. Have you filed a bug report yet?

@nickc Are we missing padding in this section?

We haven’t implemented padding controls yet (outside of those that already exist for a few visual elements), but this is a high priority improvement before the new responsive engine goes out of beta.


Thanks for filing! This will help us determine if its an issue with the 3rd party library we rely on for that plugin or a regression somewhere that we can address internally.

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Congrats on the launch of the flex box engine. I will definitely redo my app as the previous engine was terrible to work with repeating groups. Let’s see if this one is better.

Thank you for your time and effort you put into this!

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Only when converting pages to the new responsive engine that use the Drag/drop Plugin.

Glad to help. I’m going to start utilizing test apps more and more to simplify the debugging process for the Bubble team. I appreciate y’all.

Crazy thought: Is there any possibility of making the hard-coded Bubble plug-ins open source so that users can expand on their capabilities?

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