New Responsive Engine Feature Request


I had submitted a bug to support regarding the fact that when you have nested elements (especially when the child element fills the entire parent element and therefore parent element is not accessible via the design canvas) and you hide them from the element tree and subsequently click into what you would expect to be the parent element on the design canvas, it is still selecting the child element.

The response from the engineer was helpful to understand why this actually expected behavior

Upon further investigation, I’ve found that this is expected behavior. In the new responsive engine, we purposefully do not remove hidden elements by default as that can effect positioning of other elements within the same container. In order to replicate the “Hide” functionality of old responsive, you can instead check “Collapse when hidden” on the element you are trying to hide. This will remove it from the canvas when hidden.

The instructions they provided do work, however, it does add extra confusion for anybody unaware of this, and adds extra steps that may not be necessary plus the fact that it could actually cause disruption to your design as the collapse height when hidden may not be desired and could easily be forgotten after making the change only to be able to select multiple elements and group them in a group.

In the original responsive engine I always made use of the multiple selection of groups with a right click to ‘group elements in a group’…

I believe a great feature to add would be to make it possible to select multiple elements from the element tree and right click to group in a group from there, instead of needing to do the whole process of checking the ‘collapse height when hidden’.