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New Responsive Engine Feature Request

@nickc can we get a conditional for changing the ‘fit width to content’?

I’ve got a design that no matter what I do I can’t achieve, but if I had access to change the ‘fit width’ conditionally I’d be able to get it exactly as I want it.




Could we get on the group focus element an option to set the offset value to be offset left/right?

When using the group focus element on a header for a drop down menu and the reference element is right aligned it becomes a cumbersome task to try and guess what the left offset value should be, especially when the reference element itself is dynamic in it’s width.

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 5.10.37 PM

The drop down menu is set to offset 0…if it was right aligned, instead of the default and only choice of left, the offset would allow the group focus to not go off the page.

I think a simple toggle for choice of ‘offset left or right’ would be a great addition.


+1 on this one, need it right now :slight_smile: ping @nickc :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Neef to change offset left on conditionnal page width :slight_smile:

Dynamic value for grey out colour would be really helpful!

Left / right align options for group focus offset us on the roadmap!


@nickc Would it be possible to conditionally change the fit width to content and fit height to content settings? I’m currently trying to create an element that when the fit height to content is unchecked, it looks as I need it on desktop, but for my mobile view, I need the fit height to content checked. If it is checked the entire time, the desktop view doesn’t display the element

Bump +1 @nickc

I’m in desperate need of a ‘if current page width <= 640’ uncheck the fit width to content option…


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@nickc If we could get the element margin and padding values exposed in the same manner the height and width exposed that would be a great addition. Trying to get some dynamic height elements to fit into a space, and not needing to hardcode a bunch of conditionals based on changes in other elements margins/paddings would help.

For example, I have a design to keep everything on a page (ie: no scrolling) and to fit in the center elements whose heights are dynamic and change based on the height of other elements (header changes height) and their margins (margins changed based on page width) I can access the header height but not the margin value for other elements.

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Noted! cc @kate.mcnally