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New responsive engine impact on SEO?

Hi everyone!

Does anyone have any experience or data on the impact of the new Bubble responsive engine on the technical aspects of SEO?

My high-level understanding (without doing much reading to date) is that the new responsive engine is a more contemporary implementation of front end web development practices (e.g. heavier use of CSS vs JS) that may result in a performance improvement in terms of google page speed metrics, which impact on SEO to some degree.

The practical implication of this is that converting pages to the new responsive engine should improve SEO, assuming all other variables are the same.

Does anyone have a view backed up by data, even a pre-post anecdote would be interesting?


Great question and I’m also very curious about the answer. SEO is where my current focus is, and from what I’m learning so far, factors relating to how well a platform (Bubble, Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow, etc.) is suited for SEO are:

  • Page speed, performance, responsiveness, etc. Google wants to refer visitors to sites where it is confident they’ll have a good experience.

  • Optimization. Does the platform give the user the full range of tools to optimize the page for search engines? This includes everything from heading tags, to sitemaps to structured data.

  • Familiarity. Do Google’s crawlers have an easy or hard time interpreting what’s on the page and how it’s structured, and packaging it in search results? If Google can’t figure out the site or the site looks “weird” because of crazy or unfamiliar code and construction, that hurts the ranking.

I could be wrong about the above and there may be other factors at play; but that’s my current understanding.