New Responsive Engine visiblity on hover


I alerdy try to make new project all pages on new responsive engine.
Everything is ok, but when i use option to “Visible on hover” it doesent work.
Any other options in conditionals work great but visiblity have a bug.
When i use visiblity on hover, nothing happend.
I try make blank page without html body and any items and when i create group, and wanna to it visible on hover this is dont work.

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Anybody have the same issue?

Hi @stividjurasik :wave:

You can only hover visible elements.
So the condition “When hovered” will not work if your element is invisible.

I guess this is what your question is about.

Ouh right :open_mouth:
I dont know why i try do it like this :smiley:
Thank you for fresh water splash :smiley:

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