New Social Login Plugins

I may as well announce this list as I’m super excited to have them be a part of the new plugin system. Coaching Bubble has published social login plugins for the platforms listed below. Check them all out at CB’s Contributor Profile.


EDIT: I’ve just added instructions to all of these so you know where to register your applications to obtain ID/Secret keys.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Well done Gaby!

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Hey Gaby,

I’m trying to implement your Dribbble log in. Current workflow is when the dribble icon is clicked, ‘Sign up/sign in user with Dribbble’. How can I populate other fields on my user type, like first name etc with their dribble first name?

Hey there!

You can do this by adding a “make a change to current use” action right after the sign up. Then, use “Get data from external API” and select the “Dribbble-User” data call to get different field values. See screenshots:

My screenshots show a “First Name” text field being, but heads up I believe the “name” value that Dribbble gives you is a full name.


Ah awesome! Is it possible to get the email address? I have a feature that relies on user email lookup

You should be able to do “Current user’s Dribble’s email”


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Brilliant! Thanks a lot.

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New Reddit plugin added:

This will let you signup/login users with their Reddit accounts. Reach out if you’re interested in other calls :slight_smile:

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hey there, the plugin isn’t working anymore.

Hi @VanV, which plugin are you referring to? This post mentioned quite a few of them. Let me know which one you’re having trouble with, and I’ll see what’s going on.

Hey. The one i replied to: New Social Login Plugins

Hi @VanV, so the Reddit plugin. What’s the issue you’re encountering? Could you describe what you’ve done so far to set it up?

It’s just not working.
I get this error:

i’ve set everything correctly:

and just trying to login/register the user

the redirect URL also works:

i tried to replicate the plugin and also run into some problems, there was an DNS error regarding the oauth URL when i remember correctly

@romanmg The strava api seems to be broken, it returns an HTTP 401 error now.

Hey do you know if the strava api is still broken ?

Hello i have problems with the twitch login plugin :

How can i solve it ?

@romanmg Hello :slight_smile: any news about the problem mentionned above ?

@romanmg Any updates please ?