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[New Template] A/B Test Engine


It took 3 years but now I’ve made my first template.

It’s an A/B Test Engine.

With this template you can A/B test your app. You can have as many versions as you need and each user will be assigned to one version when they enter your app. You setup up the actions you want to track and get a live overview over how user assigned to different versions act.

The template is based on a reusable element that you put on pages you where you want to track user actions. You then call a logging workflow when you want to logg a user action. You can also check for which version the user is assigned to and your app can act based on that.

Demo video:

Live demo:

The template consists of:

  • The AB Test Engine reusable element that you just put on your pages to access the test.
  • A back end workflow for logging, reducing lag.
  • Data types for managing the AB test and storing user actions. To make implementation simple, your user data type does not need to be changed.
  • Option sets for engine control and user actions. This way the actions is easy to put in your workflows.
  • Dashboard for controlling the test and view logged data.
  • Test page to test your test and see how implementation is made.
  • Documentation with step by step instructions.

Check it out at:

Hope it can be of use to you. :grinning:

Feel free to feedback me here!

Thank, Peter


Wow, this seems ingenious!
I suggest you post your entire description here, including the video, because at first it didn’t seemed much, only when I clicked the link I figured out what it was.

How is it packaged, can I use it in an existing app of mine?

Thanks @vini_brito, will post full info here.

Yes, my thought is that it should be possible to add to existing apps. Thats why it’s build in a Reusable Element.

Great, this is actually the first template ever I’ll be buying! Will save me tons of time and money soon in a marketing campaign.

Thanks! That was the thought. :grinning:

Updated with live demo:

This a great thanks. Can I use to AB test a whole page?

Yes, easy peasy!

Use the a condition like the ones I use on the buttons in the demo. Use it on a page to navigate to different pages depending on which version the user is assigned to.

Hi, would I need to put the re-usable element on both the pages eg Index A and Index B , then have the condition, to redirect to index B when ABTE’s number is 2?

I would do it like this: have the RE on index and redirect from there to A or B.

it doesn’t work here… please help

Actually I have figure it out…
btw this AB test is super easy to implement… it is so easy… I just didn’t know how to do it at first, I was copying one workflow at a time. I’m so new I didn’t even know you can copy a whole app from app to app… Thank you so much for this wonderful engine

Good that you solved it! And big thanks for the appreciation. I you like please rate it in the template store.

PS. Have you seen the documentation at

I didn’t get it,

All login in info is on the tech_doc page in the template.

@philledille hi would I be able to integrate this plugin into one of my existing blank template that i have build my landing page in? thank you.

Yes, this block (template) should be possible to integrate into any kind of page. :grinning: