[New Template] All·in·one Creator Store - For Digital Creators

Hello everyone!

Are you a digital Creator? Then, this template is for you!

You can build your online store and start selling in an hour.

What is included in the template:

  1. Create - Lead Magnet / Digital Download / Video Course (videos uploaded to bubble database no need to 3rd party application) / Webinar (Manage your webinars)
  2. Stripe is already connected - You will need to insert your publishable key and secret key.
  3. Video Course Management:
    3.1 Add Modules
    3.2 Add Lessons (Descriptions + Videos)
    3.3 Task Management (add links or add files)
    3.4 Learning Materials Management (add links or add files)
  4. If you do not have Stripe account you can configure to whatsapp or any other link.
  5. Payment System (Statistics)
  6. Analytics:
    6.1 Total Revenue
    6.2 Site Visits
    6.3 Product Page Views
    6.4 Payment Intentions
    6.5 Leads
  7. Product Users (List of users of Certain Products)
  8. Audience (Your users + How many times they paid + How much they paid)
  9. Internal Chat system (user can add file or picture)
  10. Add reviews for your product and landing pages.
  11. User dashboard
  12. Udemy like Video-course dashboard
  13. Add your Social Links (Intagram, Yotube, Linkedin, any other) to your landing and other pages.
  14. Settings for all type of Users
  15. See the user video from your own dashboard:
    15.1 Landing Page
    15.2 Product Pages

*You need to add your Stripe publishable and secret keys to test and get payments.