[New Template] Leonardo.ai Image generation and portfolio site

With this template you can create astonishing images with the Leonardo AI. A powerful prompt generator gives you a good starting points for your prompts. Unlimited image variations. You can also use ChatGPT to give you a variation of your prompt.

Sign-Up on https://leonardo.ai and create an account for the API not the Webapp. Get an API key.
In Bubble go to the API connector plugin, and put your API key in the authorization fields. That’s all to start working with this template and the Leonardo AI.
Go to /create-image to start creating images.

Use the powerful prompt generator as a starting point for your prompts.
You can create city landscapes and portraits of women or men. Choose a city, century and weather and daytime for your image. You can mix them as you like. You can add moods and painting technics to the prompt. The image size is required.

If you manually change the text of the prompt field the dropdowns don’t work anymore. You have to refresh the page to get them back to work.

All images and prompts are saved to the Bubble database. You and your users can view the images on the front page.

AI-Artists or Photographers can use this template as a portfolio site.

Have you considered making a Leonardo Plugin? I’d get it in a heartbeat…

I can do this next week or may be this weekend.


That would be awesome! I have two apps I am working on that could use it… I’ll get it right away.

Kind regards

I’ve published the plugin. Hope Bubble will accepted it.

Awesome! Thanks a million… I am on the look out for it soon as Bubble approves it.

Thank you so much, I can’t wait.


Any news from Bubble?

One of my apps currently uses Dalle E, I would prefer to use Leonardo to generate the images.

My plugin is still in review. I think it will be accepted next week.


Any news?

No good news. The plugin was rejected. Due to documentation issues I’m not able to solve.