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[New Template] Mobile UI components library

What is the difference between standard license and développement license

Developer is for agencies building apps for their clients.

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Hi, I could not find a new PM from you in my inbox. Can you resend it again?

No new one. I meant the one sent last week. Just commented this so other people know the topic is solved.

If you follow this thread, you might like my new minimalistic/lightweight template for mobile app landing pages:

The template aims to be a very quick way to deploy a beautiful landing page for your new mobile app or test a new app idea and also want good user analytics without setting up more complex tracking tools. The features include:

  • Customized in less than 10 minutes
  • Great minimalistic design
  • Preconfigured tracking of pageviews, clicks, etc.
  • Metrics dashboard to measure your download funnel
  • Automatic dark mode based on user’s device settings
  • Email waitlist signup
  • Contact form

→ Documentation

Q&A in the Bubble forum here:

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I have made a complete redesign of the template:

Check it out here.

Let me know what you think - I always love to get feedback :slight_smile:

PS: if you already have the template, you get the update for free: just create a new app and select the template.

By the way: Want a 30% discount? → Fill out our short feedback survey

Check it out our new redesign:.

By the way: Want a 30% discount? → Fill out our short feedback survey

Hi, I’ve buy you’re template, and tried it here: just installed and trying to change the workflow and text but after the landing, i go to the onboarding, but it appear a background in green on that screen that totally break the design on mobile, how to change it ?

@maelys, that might have various reasons, but probably easy to fix… can you share a link to the editor so i can have a look? Send per PM, so not everyone in the forum has it…

(Go to Settings >> General and change Application rights to Everyone can view or Everyone can edit. Then, copy the URL from any page in your editor and send it to me. After i had a look, you can change the settings back to private…)

Okay, I’m doing it but i get this error, could you help me with that mate ? Thanks
Capture d’écran 2021-05-26 à 00.59.21

I sent you a personal message. you should be able to reply to that one. Should work as follows:

  1. Go to your app settings / General and set Application rights to ‘everyone can edit’
  2. Go back to the app editor and copy the URL (…)
  3. send the URL to me in a direct message here in the forum

ok found the problem and fixed this for you (in your app and in the template and added a section to the documentation). the reason is that you use a rather small phone screen, for which the template was not fully optimized yet. I adjusted this in your app and in the template by adding the following conditions to the page (the page itself):

This resizes the whole page to the size of the screen in case the onboarding or landing or splash screen is visible. so the user cannot scroll below the group anymore and then sets it back to automatic height in case these groups are not visible, so the user can scroll again.
Can you confirm that works?

overall: dealing with different screen sizes for mobile screens is rather difficult on bubble and therefore requires some CSS…which makes an app more prone to errors. i hope bubble will improve this in the future…

Check the documentation for more background on how this works and how to work with it.

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Made a short video tutorial on how this works:

great template. are the videos in the tiktok feed uploaded to bubble directly? Is there a way to control the file upload size limit?

hey there. yes the videos are just saved to the bubble DB - but i think if you want to do something that works well on a very large scale, you need to host it somewhere else. yes, the file uploader that comes with bubble has a file size limit.

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After many users have asked for this, I’ve added a new map and search feature based on geographical proximity to our template. Check it out:

Untitled design (1)

This is great if you want to display some kind of place (eg. restaurants or hotels) form your database to the user.

This is based on standard Google maps used in Bubble and some simple CSS code, without the need for any paid plugins.

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Amazing template! Would be great to have some kind of short video tutorial about the functionalities. Read the documentation but a quick video explaining the structure (states, the floating groups/icons, the CSS, DB and how to best build a new site/group would be amazing!! (or does it exist somewhere?)


Thanks for the feedback. I will think about it.

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