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Lean and improved Multi-Step Lead Form that let’s you collect user leads and project data.

Its very easy to tweak and can be used as a building block on other pages or for surveys. Form element visibility are shown when the state “page” changes.

  1. Copy the “multi-step-form” group (with workflows) to your own page.

  2. Copy the “ON LOAD” workflow and set “page_max” correctly on the first action.

  3. Add new input elements and auto bind their values to the form entry in the database. Make sure they are hidden by default, and show when the state “page” number is X.

Form data is collected on every page and stored even if the user doesn’t press submit.

Contains only FREE plugins and build on the new responsive engine. It works seamlessly responsive on all screen sizes. The Template is provided “as-is”, but I am happy to provide support and help on a consulting basis. See prices and DM me here…