[New Template] Scan & Quiz template

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To celebrate the launch of our first Mobile friendly Bubble Template on the marketplace, we’re offering a 50% discount code:PBOX21” for a limited time.

Our Scan and Quiz app is targeted at businesses that value safety. Whether it is a site induction at a construction site, or a safety briefing before go-karting or skydiving you can be up and running in minutes and empower the user to view your custom content (video and text) and take the quiz (multiple choices questionnaire) all through their own mobile device, simply by scanning a QR Code. All results are stored for audit and compliance purposes:

The template lets you create a Quiz (Multiple choices questionnaire) through an intuitive process.

  • It lets you educate your users through short guidelines and a YouTube link on creation.

  • It allows you to create 3 different questions with 4 answers (1 correct and 3 wrong) which are randomly sorted upon taking the quiz.

  • It automatically gives you a QR code that you can scan & be redirected to the Quiz.

The Admin Panel allows you to Create/Edit/Delete Quizzes and Add/Manage Users.

  • When a User answers the quiz wrong, they are prompted to retake it & the administrator receives an email notifying them about the failure.

For information see the links below.

Template page:

Preview link:

We’d appreciate any feedback from the community and if you run into any issues please contact us.

Thank you!