[New Template] Social Network Hub (Chat, Posts, Reactions...)


:rocket:A Dynamic Template for Seamless Connection and Interaction.

This social media template offers a wide range of features to create an engaging and interactive user experience. The key functionalities include:



1. Multiuser Support: Enables the participation of multiple users on the platform, fostering vibrant online communities.
2. Ideal for Communities and Social Networks: Specifically designed to meet the needs of online communities, facilitating interaction and information exchange.
3. Post Publishing: Allows users to create and share content through posts, promoting a constant dynamic on the platform.
4. Reactions to Posts, Comments, and Replies: Integration of a reaction system (like) to express sentiments toward posts, comments, and replies.
5. Comment on Posts: Functionality for users to leave comments on publications, promoting meaningful discussions.
6. 3 Levels of Comments: Offers a hierarchy of comments, allowing users to add comments, reply to comments, and respond to comment replies.
7. Share Posts: Facilitates the dissemination of interesting content through post sharing.
8. Send Post via Chat: Ability to send posts directly through the chat system, promoting private conversations.
9. Save Posts for Later Viewing: Feature allowing users to save posts for later review, optimizing the browsing experience.
10. Advertisement Banner on the Home Page: Dedicated space for advertisement banners on the home page, providing spotlight opportunities.
11. Newsletter: Newsletter functionality to keep users updated on the latest news and relevant content.
12. User Connections: Possibility to establish connections between registered users, strengthening bonds within the community.
13. Member-to-Member Chat: Dedicated chat system to facilitate conversations among members of the social network.
14. 2 User Levels (Manager and Standard): User hierarchy with different permission levels to ensure efficient platform management.
15. User Management: Capability for administrators to manage registered users, maintaining control and security.
16. Notifications for Reactions and Postings: Real-time notifications for reactions and new posts, keeping users informed about activities on the platform.
17. Connection Invitation Notifications: Instant alerts for connection invitations between users, encouraging network expansion.
18. User Profile Configuration: Full customization of the user profile, including biography, work experience, and photo gallery.
19. Adding Covers to Posts and Profile: Ability to add cover images to personalize content and user profiles further.
20. PWA Configuration (Progressive Web App): Inclusion of Progressive Web App support, following provided documentation, ensuring an efficient mobile experience.

These combined functionalities provide a robust and versatile platform tailored to meet the diverse needs of a dynamic and interactive online community.