[NEW TEMPLATE] Squari - Admin Dashboard

Hi All,

I’m excited to announce squari template available now on the templates store. Its a simple and clean dashboard template to get you started with your next project. Be great to have some feedback from the community.

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Just a quick suggestion, but you might want to make your landing page responsive too as this is how it looks on an iPhone Xs

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Just a quick look, looks pretty nice so far. Just fyi, this icon means indent I believe, may want to try a different icon since it shows the menu. Just my first impression. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work! Looking real nice though. :+1:


Other things I noticed, a lot of the buttons don’t seem to work. Can’t compose and email, other icons aren’t working, etc. If I were looking to buy this template I would want a fully functional template, not just a nice UI. :slight_smile:

For example, these should do something…

The compose button doesn’t work and also you can’t click on any of the “emails”

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I appreciate the feedback, as for the functional template right now it’s just a UI design to help starters get started.

As for your other points, I really appreciate the feedback and will start working on improving the template.

Update: The homepage has been fixed to be responsive on mobile screen.

I like the UI - but like every template, working to fit business logic is quite troublesome. Particularly working with repeating data and table.

But i guess that isnt the template fault, its how “no-code” application work where you need work from front end view to back end code.

Well actually the email messages are loaded from the database within a repeating group. Maybe I need to highlight this on the page.

As per feedback I updated the squari template to contain update of the following:

  • Administrator back-end for User Management.
  • Re-direct disabled users to landing page account-disabled.
  • Administrator field in database to yes/no, by default to no.


  • Ability to edit users when clicking on edit icon.
  • Changed the indent icon and mobile menu icon.
  • Page titles according to current page name.

Fixed issues with responsiveness.