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🥳 New templates - UI kits for desktop and mobile apps

Hey, Bubblers! :tada:

I’m sure that every Bubble developer at least once faced the problem of customizing visual elements. But you don’t need to create them from scratch anymore!

We designed 5 universal UI kits, so now you have the opportunity to launch your product to the market even faster.

One template can be used in dozens of different applications. Don’t waste your time on visuals, improve functionality instead!

Feel free to take a look at the result here:

:white_check_mark: Base Template with sets of colors, buttons and switches

:white_check_mark: Material Design Template based on Google Material Design

:white_check_mark: Style Template supplemented with the light or dark themes

:white_check_mark: Advanced Template which includes analytics dashboards, internal chat with responsive text fields and contact cards

:white_check_mark: Mobile Template designed for both iOS and Android

Waiting for your feedback in the comments down below :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks great and powerful. Don’t need to think about the design for a long time. :ok_hand:t2: :v:t2:

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Great idea! Developer’s life becomes easier :grinning: Thank you

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Great news. This will simplify and speed up development. Thank you.

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Good job! Now I can significantly save development time by using ready-made solutions.

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Awesome!!! O_O
That’s gonna be a really useful thing
Thanx @jennifervasilenko =)

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