[New Thread] More context on our changes to pricing - FAQs answered

a DDoS attack and your neighbour goes to jail because Bubble bill :thinking: :smiling_imp:


It is astonishing to witness how these developments are unfolding. Based on the data and responses thus far, it seems that Bubble may have no choice but to reconsider their approach. However, the damage may have already been done, and it might be difficult to reverse peoples opinion and trust.

I genuinely empathize with the founders of Bubble. I am sure this outcome was not their intended goal, and it is possible that external pressures have undermined all they have been working towards. Just like all of us, this is bound to have a major affect on their Holiday weekend.

Its like standing outside and watching your house burn down. Where does this go next?

If I don’t hear anything that makes more sense until next week, I’ll do the same. I’ve already started getting my hands dirty with Supabase and Weweb. See you in another community. Cheers!

I have a chart that is using 254,157 WU / pm, from my calculations, how much is this in $?

I literally used 60k workload units yesterday testing my app.

How can an app even scale with this model?


What about API usage? I still can’t fathom how API calls can go up so much that, effectively, my app moves from 115 USD a month to “contact sales”. How do we optimise this? There are already API limits in place, but it still sends my app into the enterprise sales territory.

It feels like a nasty ploy to stop people from using external databases or data processing - but that is not feasible for some apps which need to use complex logic beyond what Bubble can do. Or, for example, use the OpenAI API.


If you only need the features on the starter plan, about $55.

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Ah, so the forum is in “slow mode” now! Is this a subtle hint that the number of WUs has far exceeded the capacity of the plan being used? Or perhaps, it’s merely a silent cry for some much-needed optimization? Regardless, I’m sure this is part of a clever strategy to encourage us to ponder more deeply on our questions before asking them, isn’t it?


That would bring @lisaalger to 67% capacity… yikes

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Bubble we may just seem like a %, to you but there’s people’s lives behind this. There’s businesses which rely on this. There’s families which need support through it. I gave up a career as a doctor to work on something I’m passionate about but I’m gonna have to end up working a normal job. The struggles of coming from a working class background.


Ah, so the forum is in “slow mode” now! Is this a subtle hint that the number of WUs has far exceeded the capacity of the plan being used?

As someone else said, we’ve used too many Forum Units.


Parabéns pelo posicionamento @rafaelalmeidahoficia, expressou o que estamos sentindo aqui no Brasil com essa nova política de preços por WU. Irá inviabilizar vários projetos!!!


@tatiana.a no offense but this is Corp talk.

You can’t roll this out

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Remind me in a month or two, when bubble will give another update saying that the average workload units has been decreased due to optimizations done by users. In reality it will be because users offload their backend to other tools. If only bubble had come up with a more logical pricing structure they could pocket that extra money. Now they are simply forcing you to use something else…


Started changing. 1k WUs for a dozen create/delete things.

Totally worth it :rofl: bye bye chart

15 minutes to reply one sentence was painful.


Robson como vc tá velho? Caramba tava querendo falar com tigo a um tempo já. Oque tem feito?
Me add no whats pra trocarmos uma ideia, tenho um projeto muito loko q gostaria de compartilhar com vc.

The whole post is dodgy. The stats and language are misleading.

From my initial math, it seems that every app that has real users will see a 10x or 100x price increase.

There are vague promises that workloads will decrease in the future, but it’s hard to trust that.

I put my trust in Bubble when I invested in learning the system and building an app.

If I knew prices would increase 10x to 100x if my app actually did work, I would have never used Bubble.

If you want to change the pricing for new apps, that is a bit more fair, but to rug existing apps like this feels soul-less and cruel.

There’s an unspoken agreement—if you invest your time to learn the Bubble platform, we won’t unexpectedly jack up the prices 10x to 100x once you’re too locked in to switch.

Hoping there will be mercy for existing users who relied on Bubble’s pricing for their business model.

If Bubble does go through with this, I can’t see it being good for them. Their core innovation is the user-interface. Everything else can be copied.

It creates a massive opportunity for someone to clone Bubble and allow project importing via a Chrome extension.

Hoping there can be some humility on Bubble’s side, rather than the dodgy marketing speak we’ve seen so far.


What will become of Bubble if a significant number of developers who maintain and create plugins abandon the platform? For me, and many others, one of the greatest strengths of Bubble is its incredible plugin marketplace. It’s astounding how Bubble has managed to fumble this opportunity. If all those invaluable plugins were to vanish, Bubble would instantly lose its edge over the competition and become far less functional. This could lead to a rapid unraveling of everything that once made the platform extraordinary.