[New Thread] More context on our changes to pricing - FAQs answered

It certainly feels like this is far more of a PR disaster in the community’s view than in Bubble management’s view.

If this actually was such an extreme PR disaster that the forum makes it out to be, and senior management felt that way. I would have assumed it would be all hands on deck from Bubble. But we’re seeing pretty much the exact opposite.

Anyway, I’m getting into Sasquatch tinfoil hat territory here, I should stop I think haha.

I can confirm this as I have had a similar conversation as well about dedicated plans.

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Yes. Thoughts on the way in which it was announced/the timing/the new pricing plan itself aside, I felt the reply was a professional acknowledgment of the concerns being raised and a wise decision in terms of taking the time to assess and evaluate with a level head rather than knee-jerk replies.

I sympathize with the community and the concerns everyone has expressed; I’m not actively building on Bubble but am anxious to see what unfolds.

At the same time, the Bubble team consists of people with families and lives just like the rest of us, and decisions of this type have to be made with more than a couple days’ thought shaped under support fire. I’ve been monitoring these threads and find a lot of people seem to forget the Bubble team (especially support) is a small team, and I’m sure they’re getting a deluge on all sides.


:grin::grin: great

They have figured that they can lose X percent of the customer, and aquire new and better customers. I understand how that makes sense.

This happens more often than one thinks.

Not sure if their break-even analysis includes 90% of their user base leaving though

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I’m not sure what has been worse. The flawed pricing strategy or the unbelievably bad handling of the fallout.

I’m all for Bubble increasing their prices. I think it is currently under-priced for the value it provides. However, the new pricing feels like a lose-lose for everyone.

The reality of this price change for Bubble is that while their life time value per customer will go up, the number of paying customers will reduce disproportionately. Meaning overall revenue (a metric they presumably want to increase) will go down as current users are priced out and new users are put off. I can’t see a scenario where this pricing decision makes good business-sense for Bubble. There isn’t an alternative user base waiting in the wings ready to start handing their money over to Bubble.

According to the email from Bubble, the principles of the new pricing approach are clarity, predictability and flexibility. It achieves none of these principles, in fact the opposite: nobody has clarity on what is going on, the nature of a WU makes it inherently unpredictable and the new pricing structure constrains you to a business model that requires your customers minimise their engagement with your app.

This brings me to wonder about the effectiveness of the Bubble leadership team. How could something so poorly thought through get released publicly? Even after the same thing happened one year ago? And given the controversy it caused last time, it was released in the run-up to a holiday weekend. To do it once could be regarded as unfortunate, to do it twice looks like carelessness.

This weekend has been a masterclass in how not to do crisis management. Maybe there is bug in the WU calculator. Maybe their isn’t and the prices are going to stay broadly the same. Whatever the outcome is, leaving your customers in limbo, many of which have livelihoods on the line, over a long weekend is pretty unforgivable. What started as a smoldering fire on Thursday has turned into an inferno, in large part due to the absence of Bubble leadership to try and put it out.

This weekend has done serious and unnecessary damage to Bubble’s brand and it’s handling has caused me to lose faith in it’s leadership. I hope the next few days will prove me wrong.


Dear Bubble. not your pricing policy will destroy all you worked for. Not talking to your customers will.

Bye :kissing_heart: :wave:t2::desert_island:


Yea, it is crazy gap, actually it is so crazy that I’m certain that bubble will change and adjust the calculations because this cannot continue, if they do Not change calculation, that will be unfortunate decision and the bubble business will fail in less than 18 months, and most users will move to an alternative tool.

For example, It’s been less than 10 days since I started developing an app for a client which I have not deployed to live yet since creation, and in this 10 days I have consumed 77,310 Wu so far, even I stopped working on it temporarily until the pricing fiasco clears out.

From the analytics below, I came up with few conclusions:

  • No API workflows used on the app.
  • The DB has around 30 records for testing purposes.
  • The app not yet deployed to Live yet and somehow has consumed 13,440 Wu on the Live usage :face_with_monocle:.
  • In 10 days I have consumed more than %50 of the Starter Plan (175K Wu) just for development, me alone on a page which is basically a nested table that loads the 30 records :zipper_mouth_face:.


Also, when you say a 53 million WU went to 3 million, was it consuming 53m WU because there was a bug in the workflow that kept it
running in an infinite loop and you fixed it with a conditional?

Otherwise, do you mean 53m monthly WU went down to 3m monthly WU? In that case, How can you know it went down to 3 million monthly WU if we have less than a week with the WU metrics? I guess you would need to test your fix for month in order to know if it really had that WU decrease effect in a monthly basis.

I just want to know because if what you changed wasn’t only fixing an infinite loop, your info can be very helpful. Please let us know.


I have very similiar results. Mine is a dashboard with a tiny database (200 rows), 100k+ WUs, 3/4 just fetching data. I’m thinking about how to “optimize” it, thinking, thinking… it’s a dashboard, it needs to fetch data. :rofl:

I guess i could embed some BI solution into Bubble, but come on.


I was just thinking about that app today. It was mentioned by Bubble as a premium example of what can come out of great no-coders in this community

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bubble is allowed to do what
ever they want.

But letting people hang like this for so long is just bad . I mean OMG this has been /is terrible. Now I just feel sad.

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The crazy thing I can’t get my head around is that we will go with “almost” no restrictions on actions in our apps, to having to worry about each button click, sign up, log in page refresh, and I’m not even talking about API calls…


Oh boy, I bet last year pricing plan sounds less crazy now :rofl:


I wanted to go back in time!

This pricing change doesn’t apply to dedicated servers, yet


1 - Knowing which actions and API calls have the highest server consumption doesn’t mean that the billing method should be based on this. Bubble could have very well launched these metrics years ago without needing to change the pricing metric. One thing doesn’t justify the other. It’s just a tool that displays which workflows are causing higher consumption, and it could have been implemented a long time ago, having nothing to do with the abusive price increase.
2 - Bubble has always charged for server consumption throughout these years. Consumption hasn’t changed in the applications, but with this new metric, the prices have increased significantly… What is the logic for this? If they have always charged for server usage? Did they increase their profit by 10,000% overnight?
3 - We have 18 months to analyze and hope that Bubble will improve and become fairer… but what about new applications starting in May? So, are you admitting that this is entirely unfair? How am I going to disregard the WU for new apps starting next month?
4 - OutSystems charges $1500, but it has always done so… It’s different from charging $29, attracting millions of customers, and then abusively increasing the price by 4,000% to 10,000%, even though server costs remain the same.
5 - Hundreds of applications have always used 3% to 5% of the server capacity, and with the new prices, they will pay 10 times more. So, they have criminally increased their profit tenfold?

6 - This is the end of Bubble. Over 90% of the community will leave in the coming months. There are dozens of alternatives, such as: Flutterflow (where you can have the source code), WeWeb, Dittofi, Wappler, Glide, Bildr… and many others. We’re only here because redoing years of work is very complicated. But we’ll do it with pleasure! Because we know that in a year, Bubble will no longer be alive!


In my case, price increased 40x


Already created my account on Flutterflow. This can be the end of Bubble due to the most redic ridiculous pricing change I have ever seen. Been here now about ±3 months, got 4 paying apps on Bubble, but know will move here before it is getting even more worse. Thanks for the trust Bubble.