New to Bubble, and need small help

I’m new to bubble, less than 10 days and I’m stoked on this platform! I have watched videaos and tutorials on you tube, Udemy, and here on bubbles, quite honestyl I’m ready to go! I’m soo empowered by bubble and I’m i’m getting no sleep learning different things.
I starting with a small project, and I’m stuck on the logic here, see below
staff submit to help out on projects, free staff attributes are ‘Location’ - where users are located, ‘days or dates’ , time of the day eg ‘morning’ ‘afternoon’ and/or evening, etc)
clients submit their projects to ask for help, clients attributes are ‘location’ - their address, ‘days or dates’, time of the day they need help, ‘morning’ etc)
At this point, I need the to formulate this into logic, and I will work on it on bubble
1 - How do I create a database with field types so that users can submit their schedule, which is searchable by clients, and can be requested by clients.
2 - How can I create a database that clients can submit their projects, view available staff, and even request them.
3 - Integrating with Google calendar is the best option, can all this happen on google calendar API?
Bubblers - You dont have to be specific, just see key logic

I would say you need to help yourself…by spending some time reading and learning. Pretty much what you are asking is covered in the videos and tutorial apps including for a sample api workers (search the forum too). being a member of the community for three days and 18 mins of reading for forum …you’ve not given yourself enough time to learn the basics.

my advice is small steps…dont try and build your app. build one element…research and then look to the next step.

if you want to get up and running and dont want to learn buy one of the apps closest to your chosen vision…several of the professionals on here sell them