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New to Bubble - Can I Create Something Similar To

Hey everyone,

I am new to bubble. A friend turned me onto it and I am curious of the possibilities.

The current project I need accomplished would beasically be the same look and functionality of:

What I am wondering is how to create the walk through app when you click “Experience the Club” in the First Leaf website.

Please let me know!


Hi @andrew2, welcome to Bubble!

This functionality is absolutely possible. There are a few fundamentals you’ll need to understand so that you know how to display information based on the user selections, not to mention what elements to use when you’re designing your page. I highly recommend doing some of the video tutorials at

I’ll give you some hints to get you started though - let’s say you’re building the same app: you’ll want to store a list of wines and all the characteristics related to the user selections (is it red or white, etc.) in your database. You’ll build the selection interface and store the user’s responses (either in the database as well or in what’s called a “custom state”). With those responses, you’ll filter your list of wines and only show what matches.

Also, this is just 1 approach. The awesome thing about Bubble is its flexibility. Depending on what you’re doing specifically, there may be a more efficient way. Good luck and if you need any help, this forum is a super helpful community.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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