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(New to Bubble) How to create a "grouped login" system?

Hi There,

I’m new to Bubble and I was wondering whether the following might be possible on this interface and if so, how I can go about making it happen:

I essentially want there to be a grouped login feature where participants should only be allowed to login at a set time (they are completing an online test of sorts and they should be only allowed to login to complete the test at the time specified by the administrator – if they login after that, they shouldn’t be allowed to go to the test page…think of it like a ticket sales website)

Secondly, I then want the participants to be logged into groups. For example, if the login window is from 11:00 AM - 11:15 AM, I want half the participants to be taken to “Test A” and the other half to be taken to “Test B”. Is this possible on Bubble? How can I do this?

Please help! Thanks a lot!

I believe this is toally doable.
You could make some conditional statements for defining when users should be able to login.
Also, you could have a field on the user where some users have the value A and some the value B, and redirect the A users to test A and B users to test B.

Thanks a lot @pnodseth! Can you perhaps give me some suggestions about how I can set up these conditions? (Apologies for all the questions – I’m still trying to figure this interface out!) Thanks a lot!

If you have a data type called “Test” where you store the questions you could add a date field called lastLoginDate. On this field you set the date and time when the users shouldn’t be able to log in any more.
On the button where the user logs in for the test you set a condition "…and when current date/time < lastLoginDate ".
If current date/time is after this date, the user won’t be able to log in.