New to Bubble - Would appreciate advice on intersection of database columns ? Filter name and age columns from 2 different tables?

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I have a question regarding the filtering /intersection of columns in two different tables. In the first table I have, for example, a thing called Player which has 3 columns (name, age, sport) and for the second table i have created a thing called Coach which consists of 2 columns (name, age_group). The Coach table lists the coaches name and also the age group for which that coach is responsible. What I would like to do is be able to select a drop-down of Coaches, which would then in turn display the names of all of the Players of the age which that Coach will be responsible. So the drop-down will select a coach and then find all of the players (within the player table) of the age that the coach is responsible. I have found some advice on this forum regarding filtering etc:

but I am still not quite there yet.

I have tried many different workflows for this task but haven’t quite got there yet. Please see pics above of examples of what I have tried previously. I would appreciate any advice on how I can complete this database task. If I can complete this task, I think it will assist me in completing even more complex tasks in the future.

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Hi, are you still needing help?