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New to DB, looking for advice

The situation I have is as follows:

I want to surface a weekly calendar for users. Every week, I’ll ask them to submit availability, shown in day + timeslot of a round hour.

What I’ve done so far (and I’m not sure it’s correct)

I’ve created a new view called calendar, which has a date, hour, and user ID.
On a page, I’ve created 7 rows of radio button timeslots, and above each row, a static date.
The next step was to get users to check the timeslots, and submit them.

If that’s the best way to do it - since every day has equal timeslots, how do I get a submission to differentiate between the days? -

If that’s not the way to do it - what is ?


can you post a link to your editor to get a better understanding?

just make sure in settings you select ‘everyone can view’ and not ‘everyone can edit’ to protect yourself

How do I share? in the meantime…

Not sure if you still need help but like this: