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NEW TOOL to convert your Bubble web app to iOS/Android native app - Natively

Hey, Bubblers!
Check out Natively - the new way to wrap a Bubble into an iOS/Android native app and publish it to the App Store / Google Play.

  • You can do it yourself by following simple steps
  • It takes minutes.
  • No technical skills are needed.
  • You can try native features before buying using Preview Mode.

:triangular_flag_on_post:You get:

  1. Ready to publish iOS/Android app.
  2. Bubble plugin and access to native features.
  3. Guaranteed App Store/Google Play acceptance.
  4. Fast support and precise documentation.
  5. White label.

Some wrapped apps:
Real Estate

Some available features: Push Notifications, Touch ID & Face ID, Access to Device GPS (Geolocation), Universal Links, Share Content, Banners and Toasts, Request App Rating, Date picker, Open external app, Banners and Toasts.

Find out more on Website
Watch Video


Sure, create your mobile app (steps 1-5), install the NCNP app and click «Preview the app» (not «Order a build»).

@Tetiana Here is video timestamp -
Contact me if you need help

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Thanks, app-building in progress :grinning:

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Amazing, I’m very interested! So does this require no additional setup in terms of the mobile sizing? Is it essentially a shell or safari wrapper of the mobile website of your app?

Second, does doing this utilize the power of the device or is it the same load times as the mobile browser like safari?

Last, I’ve never setup push notifications. Is there a resource on how to integrate push notifications for iOS inside of bubble, like the video example shows? Thanks!

The documentation has a good description of how to generate keys for push notifications and configure One Signal.

Through which the push notifications are sent. I set it up using these instructions. Everything works fine. The main thing is to remember to enable push support at build time
One Signal Setup One Signal App - Documentation
Push sertificate Generate iOS Push Certificate - Documentation


Thank you for being interested!

With Natively, you can create a native mobile app that will display your website inside of WKWebView (iOS) & WebView (Android).
You can think about it as a safari (built into a separate mobile app). Unlike a regular PWA or mobile website, with Natively, you can access iOS & Android native features (Push, GPS, Universal Links, and much more).
Right now, we’re actively working on adding Android app support (in our plans to release it by the end of this month) and continue adding more native features.

Regarding loading time, it’s pretty the same as in safari, but I would recommend a Single Page App structure, so the UI/UX can be smooth and look like a native.
Please, let me know if you have any other questions.

@cminwk just shared some links with instructions for push integrations.


  • If any questions, please use a support chat (bottom right blue circle) on our website, and we will try to answer as soon as possible.
  • If any ideas or suggestions, please share them on our frill page
  • Currently, we have a special offer for our customers. You can get 40 builds (With that, you can build 40 different apps) just for $99.

Hi, guys! We have shared one of our templates, wrapped into iOS native app using Natively: 🏘 Template for Real Estate Market + iOS native app


Push notifications are the most requested feature for Natively users.
Therefore, we have prepared detailed instructions with videos on 🔔 HOW to set up push notification with Natively + One Signal

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Check out a new case from Natively.

This time we have converted Plannly - an HR tool for Wellness Programs Management.
Three reasons why we want to share this case:

  1. Idea. Plannly is an intelligent benefits platform that adapts to an individual’s lifestyle and recommends the best-personalized health and wellness solutions.
  2. Design. We love it!
  3. Pride. Our non-technical user who wrapped it with Natively :mechanical_arm:

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Some good news - we have released a new version of Natively :rocket:
Convert your websites/web apps faster and engage more users, enabling new native features:
:file_folder: File downloading
:camera_flash: Taking photos
:movie_camera: Recording videos
:mag_right: QR/Bar code scanner
:link: Universal Links (Deeplinking)
:gear: Setting up iOS Status Bar

Try Natively and get more happy users :heart_eyes:

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But this is not a single page app
Any ways I am not fan of that SPA stuff
Is natively only for SPA ?

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@tidjanishaba Natively converts both single-page and multi-page Bubble projects. Please check out our cases here Showcase

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great one

Plans for Apple sign in?

@chad Now Natively allows you to convert your app to iOS for $49. + You can use enable any native features with our free Bubble plugin

@chad To get started with Natively, sign up for free, create your app and test it in Preview mode. And then, if everything is ok, pay for the build.

What are your future plans/features to be released?

Sorry the question was do you support Apple sign in.

Currently the Codeless academy one is the only one that does it well. I’ve used a couple of others and haven’t been able to get Apple sign in working with additional plugins.

Apple sign in is required if other social logins are present which means basically it’s a must.

oh, I see. for now we’re not supporting native apple sign in through app that was built with Natively, you can try to use any other options (such as plugins, etc.)