New Twilio Message Retrieval

Hey @copilot, I’m currently trying out the new version of the Twilio plugin but I don’t quite understand how to use the “Receive a Message” action properly. Your help would be much appreciated!

And to any of you with Plivo experience, can Plivo accomplish the “Receive a Message” action? Just in case Twilio’s plugin can’t.

Thanks everyone,

Hey @dbevan,

We added the Retrieve a message call after receiving requests for a method to get information about a text message that was sent. Similar to most APIs, firing off a request which creates an object ultimately returns the ID of the object created. Some neat bits to understand would be:

  • When you send off a text message to a user, you get back a MessageSid key which you can directly plug into the Retrieve a message request.

  • The most common use case for this request is likely going to be for an API endpoint, as callbacks that Twilio executes back to your application when a user responds to a text message doesn’t contain information about the original text.

  • Take advantage of the retrieval request so you can gain context for a text message response or build on top of past messages for future ones.

If you need help with the plugin itself, we offer it through email via [email protected].

So, give it a go; there’s some truly neat conversational flows to built. (psstt…we’re creating a course on one) :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you completed the course on this yet?

I am trying to understand how to use your plugin to configure 2-way SMS chat inside of Bubble.

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Hey @JustinC,

Almost there! Text Messaging and Calls will be available this week. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @copilot, would I be able to impelement a 2-way SMS system using the Copilot Twilio plugin? Basically I (Twilio phone mumber) need to be able to receive and see the response back once the sender sends out a text to a phone number and the receiver responds back. Thanks.